Monday, January 16, 2006

Would someone be so kind ....?

Dear Friends at St. Herman's and others,

I don't know if Fr. Gregory Papazian knows about Fr. John's repose. They served together in the early years of the english langauge Orthodox mission in Ottawa. If someone at St. Herman's could let Fr Gregory know about Igumen John's death, it would be much appreciated.

Maybe somebody could ask Mother Anna or someone else with Fr. Gregory's phone number to call the monastery and leave a message.

Fr. Gregory may already know but please make sure he does.


MatDonna said...

Matthew, don't worry-- as dean, Fr. Lawrence left messages pretty much in the whole deanery, including an answering machine at the skete, in time for Fr. John to be commemorated at liturgy everywhere on Sunday morning. They probably got it from other sources too.

pasivirta said...

I spoke with Br. Samuel today, ( I will be going in the somewhat near future...sweet...)
and he said that they rejoiced at the news. and I could hear it in his voice. I will ask more when I go, but the mysteries of God continue to deepen. I know that it is beautiful for people to be with God, and I guess it has to do with knowing what really matters, and living it out? I don't know.

rest assured the brothers and Fr. Gregory know, and are praying for Fr. John tonight in a memorial service.

biss said...

Oh...there is so much for us to learn from our monastics! Glory to God for them all!