Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Joyful Sorrow - Incredibly Beautiful Music

As I mentioned over on 1 Timothy 4.12, I have just discovered this incredible musical duo from the States called Joyful Sorrow. I can honestly say that I do not gush like this about many bands. Our friend from St. Athanasius Mission, Micha, shared it with Krista and I, and I've had it on repeat pretty much continuously since Saturday. Joyful Sorrow are a husband wife duo that put out this amazing recording called Quietude, with nine songs - each inspired by the life of a particular saint.

I thought I might share here on Spruce Island the lyrics of the song about St. Herman, called Forest to Forest.


We were picking mushrooms in the forest
Who knew we'd find you
They spoke of revolution in the country
While you just stood in constant prayer
Living a life so otherworldly
Silently interceding for our souls

There are no church bells to be heard
There's no incense to be burned
Miles away in your humble abode
Only the animals know your name

Your elder spoke so much
Wisdom with his words
He said humility is power
And patience is defence
While love is protection
And where there is love, there is God
And where there is God there is goodness

You're going to America

And when you came here, you met the natives in Alaska
With violence they wanted to kill you,
In peace you strove to know them
Like home, you built a hut in the forest
Prayed for God's mercy
The natives came to love you (x3)

Lyrics by Steven Zydek

S. Zydek - vocals, guitars, bass
H. Zydek - vocals, keyboard
S. Lamos - drums


Gabe said...


Simply Victoria said...

sounds compelling...
where can you buy this?

Matthew Francis said...

I think just maybe off their website, but probably through some of the Orthodox publishers too.

Krista said...

Yessss! It is awesome, I can totally vouch for this cd. Great stuff....I think that I have to say I was blown away by it.