Sunday, October 23, 2011

the visit

More furniture to give away

ANOTHER update from Wendy Thurs Oct.27: 

I thought this was going with the apartment but apparently not.  It is an absolutely beautiful, custom-made magogany (my guess, at least that's what it looks like) 3 piece unit; when you the doors you can put in a large TV.  It is probably 7 or so feet high and 6 feet wide.
 I have a teacher friend coming tonight to look at it but would love for St. Hermanites to get it!-- Wendy M

(Ed. note from MatD  : it looks to me  by these proportions that it is actually at least 8 feet wide, not 6. Also, I believe one or both of the desks are now spoken for as well)

UPDATE: Wendy says the carpets, the sideboard and the lamps are now spoken for. 

There is also an older but working fridge to be given away. 

Wendy M. sends these pics. She needs the furnishings gone asap. She also has a number of smaller household items, so if you are in want of anything, give her a shout.

These furnishings are of very good quality, and if you need them they are yours; if you are able to give an offering of gratitude, large or small, please make it to either Diakonia or to the building fund. Possibly some of the smaller items can be saved to be sold at a parish fundraising fleamarket next year; if you are able to store any items for such, please let Kai know.

Contact Wendy via her number in the parish directory.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Episcopal visit & reader tonsuring with Bp. Irenee this Sunday Oct. 23rd

Don't forget to bring some monastic-friendly dishes for his Grace Bp. Irenee this Sunday, as he does not of course eat any meat. Fish, cheese and eggs are fine.

 Vl. Irenee prefers to serve very simply, especially with the heavy schedule and health challenges he has had while serving as our Archdiocesan episcopal administrator this past year. He only arrives at YVR after 10 pm Saturday night, and I believe the current plan is for him to vest quietly in the altar during matins, which begins as usual at 9:30. This is followed by something less than full hierarchical liturgy, but including the tonsuring of our own Gabe F. as reader.  (However, there will be a little of the hierarchical music sung at some point.)

Please pray for Vl. Irenee as he travels and for Gabe as he prepares for tonsuring to this ministry in the church.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Memory Eternal to the Igumen Symeon (Edward) Weare of Kamloops

We have just had word of Fr. Symeon's repose. Some of the older members of our parish will remember him-- long, long ago there was a youth group pilgrimage to the interior to visit his small monastic home. He was a monk in the Anglican church for many years and was received into Orthodoxy and if I recall correctly tonsured immediately after by Bishop Seraphim at Holy Resurrection Church Vancouver; Father Lawrence was his sponsor. Gareth and Arlee H of course have been in closer touch with him than anyone else, I believe both before and after their sojourn here in the lower mainland. I have no information about the funeral as yet, but we will of course do a trisagion at Wednesday vespers.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Free Furniture

Say the Havelings:

We're trying to find new homes for three bookcases.  

They are in good condition, each with six moveable shelves. 6ftx3ftx1ft. 

Mahogany laminate finish. Anyone who wants one can just come and take 'em. 

Sooner is better. ;)


And here at Chez Farley we also have furniture to give away-- in our case, a country style 

kitchen-dining table and four Windsor style chairs.  

Birch top and seats, white legs. There is a leaf, with the leaf in the table can seat six. 

The white paint is pretty banged up, so if you fancy fixing it up or don't mind it being like 

that, it's yours if you can take it away. 

Sunday, October 02, 2011


I am the right of the screen and see...nothing. Seems at least to my computer that things have changed a bit on our blog! So, I am now pointing up, to the Diakonia tab...if you press that you will then see what I am pointing to on the right...the Diakonia blog! And if you pop over there, you will see what was just written.