Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spruce Island

Yes, this post is a self-referent of sorts.
Perhaps it is obvious to most, but one of the things that shows the blessing that this blog can be is how those of us at a distance are able to be connected to each other, whether it is the far off metropolis of chilliwack (aka the 'wack) or the even farther flung ville of Oshawa Ontario, or perhaps the ever so distant yukon. not to mention those stuck in the nether regions south of the border, no disrespect intended, okay well just a little in jest. In any case, I just wanted to extend a small feel good thank you for my times away, and I know that whenever we travel, we are blessed to know that we are cared and prayed for, as is noted when reading Dan's post below.

In other news, I have been reading about how the transition between Jewish liturgical practices and Christian liturgical practices took place, and it is amazing how many similarites there are between their prayers and ours. It is so clear that they are derivatives.


Stacy said...


Gabe said...

The prayers are very similar, especially when it comes to the evening services of lent. They are full of old testament readings and such. A large likeness to Jewish services.

On the other note I must agree, it has been quite a blessing to have this blog. Especially when you are away in the middle of nowhere. I love Saskatchewan.

Kai said...

Thank you for mentioning Chilliwack, even if it was kind of denigrating in a sort of way, kinda patronizing. Like we are not a real city.

'Wack, yeah right. Nevertheless, we are always delighted if our Burg is mentioned. It is NEVER mentioned in the TV weather report. It's always Agassiz! Why? Are we less weather worthy? We have rain here too! Do we not drip when rained on? Do we not feel the water running down our necks?

Okay, thanks anyway, I just had to get this off my chest.

Did I mention Chilliwack?

Paul said...

That was a whack-load of whining there, Kai.

Hey...Does your train world have weather? Does the world have a name? I think it should be called luzpule, which is the word-verification for this comment.

Kai said...

Graham, it's just the new Canadian way (whining). Not that anyone would actually pay attention to it (see).

No my train-world doesn't have a name.It's just an amalgam of my childhood memories. It's (supposedly) located somewhere at the Austrian, German and Swiss borders. Oh yeah, and I have some Italian trains as well... can't have enough. Italy was only 60km from where I lived AND those trains look pretty cool...