Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Orthomansions on the drive...

There has oft been talk of lofty ideals, communal livings, houses for many, a community of like minded idealists who were willing to suffer through the reality of their naivete, but not in my history has there been such an opportunity as this.

St. John's, our newest daughter mission, has the MOST AMAZING building. I don't think anything better could have been given as a mission parish site. It needs a bit of work, but that is even better, it gives us all something to help with, a sense of immediate purpose, and its just such a cool space. Upstairs has about 6 rooms I think, and the middle floor has a bunch, and there is even a top floor with two rooms. the basement is full of boxes of weird but loveable old catholic gear, organs and shuffleboards, throne-like couches from which to sing praises, latin books of all sorts and myriad other wonderful things to discover.

the kitchen has a gas stove, the dining room has beautiful acoustics, there are front and back porches, and OH MAN the GARDEN POTENTIAL! its ridiculous. seriously, there could be enough veggies to feed a bunch of people. well, it used to be a convent, so it makes sense. anyways, the yard is huge too. Sure, there are structural problem, the roof leaks in places, a handrail is loose, and who knows what else.

The fact remains, that God has blessed this community in a way that is so glaringly obvious.

Not to mention that it is SO close to commercial drive, such a cool community to live near. Organic veggies, patchouli oil, italian coffee shops, memphis ribs (sniff),

anyways. We have to be thankful to God for this gift, and when people ask about orthodoxy in Vancouver, it won't be too far off that there is another thriving english community, replete with the coolest in house atmosphere ever. After vespers last week we sat down, talked some good church talk and enjoyed a nice ale in the dining room with some candles and guitar. It really will take on its own atmosphere quickly and comfortably, in large part thanks to a beautiful creaky old building.

God grant you many years St. John's!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let Us Attend

there it is.....copies should be available at the church bookstore soon.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Leviathan cometh

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Fr. Crispan and his band of merry men have been practicing on sunday nights. I was privy to a game of shinny, it proved to be very informative. Herr Wildeman, I believe it is time we had a meeting/mens breakfast/practice of our own. They have some strategery worked out, and it behooves us to bring the noise all across the water=tower in order to continue the tradition of Goads being hard to kick against.

The Men of the Island stand no chance. It will be a day of weeping and gnashing of teeth like has never been heard before in the peaceful domain of the british retirees and government lackeys.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's done!

The Synod (a.k.a. ROCOR, ROCE, or ROCA) and the Moscow Patriarchate have officially ended their excommunications of each other. This does NOT mean that all ROCOR churches are now MP, but it just means that ROCOR is in eucharistic communion with her mother Church and the rest of the Orthodox world.

It's to be expected that there will be some "fallout" and some discontented persons complaining about it, but they are, by far, the smaller faction within ROCOR.

Considering all the deception and intrigue caused in the Church by the Soviet authorities, it's about time for some healing to start.

Let's pray for them.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

guess who?

Thursday, May 03, 2007