Thursday, January 05, 2006

grumbling (but only from my stomach)

Can anyone out there tell me if I'm allowed to eat food today?


pasivirta said...

I think so, its like sunday morning, so if you fast before liturgy, do it today too, if not, maybe not. but, I am just a baby orthodork, an answer from a spiritual elder may help...meaning pretty much anyone here except me.

cathedral dweller said...

I am always somewhat confused by the "strict fast" days. It depends who you talk to and what Church your a part of. I think there's different traditions in different Churches.

If it's a Vesperal Liturgy - yes - you fast. As Fr. Lawrence says, at least from 12:00 pm until after Liturgy. However, if you do not have a Vesperal Liturgy but Vigil - as we had at the Cathedral - I'm not sure what to do.

Personally, on those days where it says "strict fast" on the calendar, I try to eat as little as possible. When there's Vesperal Liturgies, I also try to eat as little as possible. I find it helps me to be more aware and receptive to beauty of the Feast.

Anyhow - talk to Fr. Lawrence about it. He's your man.

Melissa said...

No food for you! (please repeat in the soup nazi voice) Just kidding.