Monday, May 31, 2010

Senior Youth group meeting

an additional youth get-together has been put on the schedule, for the senior age youth only: 

6:30 PM Thurs. June 10th 

at the Farleys' in Surrey

for more info, see Magdalen. 

don't forget there is also a regular Youth event for both junior and senior groups at 7pm Friday June 25th.

There will be NO youth event in JULY, as camp will be held July13-18th

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on Fr. John Bingham in YT and Men's night this Friday

Mat. Anna Bingham sends this post--MatD. 

This is (finally) a short update for Spruce Island, concerning Fr. John's Whitehorse adventures.

For those who do not know, Fr. John drove up to Whitehorse, arriving on May 6 and managing to dodge all the buffalo, moose, etc along the way. I am most thankful for that! He is serving liturgy, Saturday night vespers and holding a mid-week teaching/discussion time. All three  have been attended by a faithful few, and he is still hoping and praying for some new faces as well. John and Sharon Gryba are presently in Ottawa, returning this coming Saturday; in the meantime, he has had to do the set-up by himself, which is a fair bit of work as everything is set up and then stored away each week. But perhaps the physical aspect of the process is kind of satisfying, in a way.

As most will know, I am here in Langley until the end of June when my teaching year is finished. Then I'll fly up to Whitehorse, and Father John and I will drive back down to Langley to stay until sometime in early August. I am presently staying at the Mountains' home.

Many have asked me about Father John, and I will try and pass on news via Spruce Island periodically. He and I are in touch daily, and so I pass on your greetings to him as requested. Please pray for him, for endurance and encouragement in the Lord. I know he really appreciates this.

Also, Andriy  asked me to ensure that his/their address was on Spruce Island for the men's breakfast on Friday. It is 6123 - 216 Street, Langley. A sign on the property says Ground Effects Nursery.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blood Money

Passing on this link from Wendy M. to a new pro-life movie project

Monday, May 17, 2010

Change of Date for Youth Night

Youth night will now be  


May 21st at 7 pm. 

Location TBA, 

please contact Magdalen or Seraphim for details. 

**Men's night is still NEXT Friday May 28th 7 pm at Andrij's.

Monday, May 10, 2010

ASCENSION Vesperal Liturgy this Wed. May 12th

Festal Vesperal Liturgy

Wednesday May 12th 

7 pm

Eve of Ascension 

Fast from noon before receiving communion

bring FESTAL food to share at the meal afterward

Wednesday-Friday Fasting begins again on Friday May 14th.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Kelsy's blog

About her volunteer visit to Romania can be found here.  

It is also now in the blogroll with other blogs by Spruce Islanders in the sidebar to the right as you view the screen. Like all of those feeds, whenever a new post is added, the blog will appear at the top of the blogroll.