Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NOTE DATE CHANGE--Moving Help Needed for Pryadko Family TOMORROW

We are going to be moving tomorrow, Saturday morning .....  I understand it is a last minute  request, but if we had 2 or 3 strong guys respond, we would  be okay.  

We will be starting about 9:30.  

Thanks so much!

       --- Hannah Pryadko

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Second Week of Lent at St. Herman's

Once again we are hosting the 

Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers
at 7 pm 
this Sunday February 21st

  We will be joined by the folks of Holy Nativity Ft. Langley and St. Innocent's Everson WA  (if, by the prayers of Sts. Innocent & Herman, the Olympic season border traffic permits!)


PLEASE BRING some Lenten finger foods to share with our guests at a coffee time after.
In the coming week:  don't forget to SIGN UP for food categories for the Presanctified Liturgies.

Also please note-- at evening services, there is no assigned cleanup crew, so if you can spare a few moments after the meal, please pitch in to clean up!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Hi Friends,

Hi Friends,

We are coming for a brief visit, and we are looking for a ride on sunday morning from Abbotsford to church, and then for someone else who is going towards vancouver to drive us a little ways in that direction. The main part is getting to church, the other details after church can be figured out on the fly, and/or with my family types. we of course have a carseat for the Destroyer of Worlds (Zeke) and can even be accommodated by more than one vehicle if there are people who only have two seats or something. I can hitch-hike.anyways, this is for Feb 14th.

Thank you! we look forward to seeing you on that sunday.

David, Laurenn, and the Destroyer of Worlds (Zeke)

Tomorrow night-- Feast of the Meeting of our Lord

sorry, gang-- what with the AGM and all, this important announcement was missed yesterday !  

Hope to see you at church tomorrow night  


  • fast from noon to receive communion
  • bring candles, lamp oil, charcoal, incense to be blessed
  • bring festal food to share after