Thursday, March 29, 2012

UPDATED information times & locations of funeral services for Fr. Andrey. 

April 3rd ( Tuesday) Panikhida at Holy Resurrection Sobor at 19:00

April 4th (Wednesday) Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts in the St. Michael the Archangel Serbian Orthodox Church at 8:30am, 
followed by the Funeral Service at 10:00am

Right after the Funeral Service there will be Memorial Lunch at the Serbian centre, next to the church, and everybody can proceed to the cemetery after lunch:

Valley View Memorial Gardens, 14644-72nd Ave, Surrey, BC
Address of the Serbian Orthodox Church: 7837 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V3N 3K8 Tel: 604-525-0886

MEMORY ETERNAL Fr. Andrey Somow, known and loved by many of us for many years.

 Fr. Andrey fell asleep in the Lord this morning. Funeral arrangements are being made for 

early next week, details to come when they are finalized.

Fr. Andrey's bio is on Holy Resurrection's website here:

Monday, March 26, 2012

This week at St. Herman's March 26th- April 1st

A good time for confession!

Please note that the evening services this week are NOT eucharistic, and therefore there is no need to fast completely beforehand, and no meals afterward.

This also means that after these services would be an ideal time to get your Lenten confession in. Our parish has grown, so please don't wait till the last minute before Pascha.

Wed. March 28th 7 pm Canon of St. Andrew with the Life of St. Mary of Egypt

Fri. March 30th 7 pm Akathist to the Theotokos

Also please note the two posts just below this one--

re:  glass jars needed for processional path,

and also

re: Kenosis concert on Sunday April 1st 3 pm at St. Joseph's Langley.
This fantastic men's ensemble is led by our own Dan Steenburg, and several of the singers are also members of our parish.

glass jars you say


As per the announcement at church on Sunday, if you empty any glass jars over the next few weeks please save them and bring them to St. Herman's.  I am looking for anything less than an litre.  500ml is usually perfect.  We need to bolster our supply this year.  Thanks in advance. 

UPDATED:   We use the glass jars to hold tea lights to mark the pathway around the church for the nightly processions.  Please understand that it is unlikely you will want to resume any type of food preparation in these jars after Pascha.  So, once donated.... you are relinquishing them to the cause.

I will bring a container this week.   Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Update about Lisa's Dad

Hello all. I've had a few people ask me already about Lisa's Dad, so I thought I'd post an update. On the Saturday after I posted the prayer request, Duncan went home from the hospital. His bleeding had stopped and hasn't been a problem since. We are all very thankful and glorify God for His provision during this time!

Thank you all for your prayers.


Friday, March 09, 2012



Please set your clocks 


when you go to bed

 on Saturday night 

March 10th

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Procession of Icons

We venerate your holy icon, loving Lord, asking you to pardon our transgressions, Christ our God.  For you of your own will was pleased in the flesh to ascend upon the Cross, so to deliver from the bondage of the enemy those whom you have fashioned.  Therefore in thanksgiving we cry aloud to you: you have filled all things with joy, our Saviour, having come to save the world!
- Troparion, Divine Liturgy of Sunday of Orthodoxy

A feast of joy and gladness is revealed to us today! For the teachings of the true faith shine forth in all their glory, and the Church of Christ is bright with splendor, adorned with the holy icons which now have been restored; and God has granted to the faithful unity of mind. 
- Orthros, Sunday of Orthodoxy

Friday, March 02, 2012

Prayer request

Hello all. Could you please keep Lisa's dad Duncan in your prayers. He went to the hospital a couple days ago with rectal bleeding which keeps stopping and then coming back. They aren't quite sure exactly what is causing it, but if he bleeds much more, they may have to have emergency surgery to remove his colon (which, if I understand correctly, may or may not address the problem).

Please keep him, his wife Judy, and all of Lisa's family in your prayers.