Saturday, January 14, 2006


Giardiasis is a parasitic infection of the small intestine. It's a protozoa.
This is what ails Jonah. So weird. And relieving. So after 5 days of medication, he should be back to full health, God grant.
We were envisioning a much more complicated and dire diagnosis.
We're glad it's not. I just wish I knew how he caught it (and the other kids didn't). I read some stuff about it, and it sounds yucky, kinda like getting lice. Oh well. I'm thankful my boy is going to be healthy again!


biss said...

Oh! That is good news, and relieving. Five days!
Meanwhile, we will still keep Jonah in our prayers.
much love...

Kai said...

Glory to God...!
So Victoria, it seems what my mother told me when I was a kid, "eat some dirt it'll make you strong," isn't really something to literally follow through with?.. :-)
We are really relieved to hear that Jonah is on his way to recovery.

pasivirta said...

thank God! I mean, it is what my parents always warned me against when I drank water from mountain streams, I don't envy him though. isn't the colloquial name for it beaver fever?
whatever the case, we are all very happy that he will be well shortly. Glory to God!

Stacy said...

That God Victoria!! That's so great!! Thanks for keeping everyone posted.

Fr. Justin (Edward) said...

Glory to God! Glad to hear the doctors tracked down the cause. May God bless and heal Jonah and restore him quickly to full health!

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin.

Peter T Chattaway said...



And in that order. :)

RW said...

see, i told you god takes care of his own, and this would just blow over. i am happy you are relieved, and that jonah is getting up and running.

Gabe said...

:) Thank you God. Thank You very much.

You're still in my prayers, Jordans.

RW said...

I too, am very glad to hear this news... not quite sure who in my household posted the first comment. The perils of not logging out properly... but regardless, the most important thing is that Jonah, the man is on his way back to a clean bill of health. Glory to God.

Magdalen said...

Glory to God! I was praying hard for him, please do pass on my regards to him. How relieving to know it's nothing more serious.