Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the painful tooth

Can anyone recommend a good dentist (or faith healer)?
Ideally one who'll do the work in exchange for my charming company.
ha ha ha ow
I've got a nasty toothache and treachery lurks in every mouthful.
Certainly I've met some dubious dentists in my day.
My dentist in Quebec was named Dr. Herten-Greaven. Like Hurtin' Grievin'. Get it? But that was actually his name.
But he was one of the good ones. Who's to say?
Tomorrow I cast my oral (and financial) welfare on the arbitrary whims of the yellow pages.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Long and Winding Road

Not to take anything away from Judy's amazing paintings, but I am hoping to visit Fr. Gregory and the Brothers this Saturday if anyone is interested in coming. I'm going to try an catch the 9:20 ferry that morning. If anyone else wants to join me just let me know. More details to come later this week.
God Bless!
Later days.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another brilliant artist in our midst

Some of you may know of Judy's artistic talents already, but she's just recently set up her own blog. Several faces familiar to the denizens of Spruce Island appear here:


Saturday, May 27, 2006

the best-laid plans

Well, it would seem that the enemy has decided he doesn't like us, and so far has managed to thwart every attempt at planning our next get together. A gazillion and one problems are cropping up all over the place in coordinating our next outing, including (but not limited to) considerations of youth leaders' schedules, Group of Twelve, the Apostles fast and when exactly school gets out. (Can one of the parents please confirm for me when that is?)

So, just to let you know, we are working on coordinating an event for the youth, don't worry, we haven't disappeared. Please, please pray for us as an entity, and for Maria, Dave and myself as the leaders.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Ready Or Not...

Ready or not... here we come.

Can't wait to worship with y'all :) !

Just wanting to say hello

I have not posted to this site directly in probably 2 months at least. So I thought I would say an official hello as it were. I also wanted to say that I always read this blog and care about this community and read many other blogs associated to St. Herman’s, even if I do not comment on them. I am afraid with no internet at home, etc., I just do not have the time to do many comments. So I guess this is sort of in place of them—just a hi, and to say that I really care and appreciate the many thoughts and kindnesses that are demonstrated through this blog and individual’s blogs associated through this one.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

question of the day:

Are we obligated, as Orthodox christians, to be more environmentally-conscious?

I found this really interesting article about Brazil's creation of ethanol fuel made from sugar cane. Is this truly a viable alternative? Or will it simply lead to more forests being devastated to grow sugar cane? What is our personal obligation, if any?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

here is an amazing story in The Guardian that talks about men being awoken from a "permanent vegetative state" to talk with their families. It is a sleeping pill that apparently has the reverse effect on people who are apparently permanently unconscious.

It is an intense discovery that kills much of the argument for euthanasia, because clearly the people are not brain-dead. I guess we don't really know what is going on, but suffice it to say that the more we know, the less we know we know.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Aaron's Documentary on Seraphim

...is now up on Seraphim's site!

St. John's First Liturgy and Other Plans

I see Dave beat me to the announcement of our first liturgy at St. John's (here, anyhow)! Thanks, Dave! It's an awesome thing (and I mean that in both senses of the word) - please do keep us in your prayers.

This will be the first in a series of occasional weekday/Saturday liturgies and other services which are intended as an opportunity for those who are not able to come out on Thursday evenings to worship with us. More regular services will follow (sometime after the month of June, during which I will be filling in for Fr. Lawrence at St. Herman's), leading to the eventual celebration of Sunday Liturgies, as God provides and in His time. This has all been in the works since even before St John's began meeting in August of last year, so it is a great blessing to see the vision of a daughter mission of St. Herman's in Vancouver coming more and more to fruition, especially in this, our first liturgy! Many thanks to all who have been praying for and supporting us.

Special thanks are due to Fr. Lawrence for all his guidance and assistance in this endeavour. It has been and continues to be a great blessing to be able to work so closely with my spiritual father, through whom the mission field of the Lower Mainland has been so throughly and so ably prepared for the reception of the faith in all its fullness!

For the sake of clarity, it is worth mentioning again what has been mentioned before. While His Grace, Bishop SERAPHIM has blessed St. John of Shanghai Orthodox Mission as an outreach of St. Herman's in Vancouver, and even specifically enjoined St. Herman's to continue supporting it, there has never been any expectation that the members of St. Herman's who live in Vancouver will necessarily leave St. Herman's to begin attending St. John's. This is one of the reasons St. John's has begun as a hybrid: both a mission to Vancouver and a ministry to the members of St. Herman's in Vancouver. Mission is primarily about new growth, and, while there needs to be a faithful core around which new growth can coalesce, mission work is a difficult and dangerous business that is not for everyone to undertake! His Grace put it well in his letter blessing the dual work of Fr. Christopher and myself in the city of Vancouver:
The physical placement of any community, anywhere in BC, is in no way to be considered something 'territorial', or limited by spatial boundaries. In the Orthodox Church everywhere, the faithful go where they feel their heart is called to be, or where, for them, there is greater peace. Always and everywhere, it is true that people will pass one temple in order to go to another. The placement of that temple is according to God's blessing. Who goes to each is also according to that blessing.
May God continue to "bless us, every one", as He calls us to ever-greater labour, responsibility, self-sacrifice, and love for our own salvation and for the sake of His Kingdom!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

pretend its cold outside . . .

Because an orange Ecuadorian sweater needs an owner.
Lynn, the lady who won the sweater in the raffle would like to pass it one to a home where it will get more use. I thought someone connected to Project Mexico might want it. Kimberley? Gabe? I know you both had good relationships with that sweater. Or, perhaps it should be saved for the next Mexico fundraiser? Thoughts, ideas, claims?

Peter's Review of The Da Vinci Code Is Up!

Peter's review of The Da Vinci Code is up!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Patriotism on the Hewlett Family Blog

Inspired by Victoria's video contributions here, I've added a couple of videos to our family site. If you've ever received an e-mail from me, the username and password for logging in is at the bottom - if not, feel free to e-mail me (frjustin{at}ehewlett.net - replace the "{at}" with "@") for access!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

end of school party

Hi Everyone!

So, we are planning an end of school day hike and BBQ for the end of june for the saplings, so go on over to the youth blog and check it out, we are looking for people to host a BBQ after hiking in chilliwack (secret location to be announced later in the month)(its planned, its just a secret) its going to be very cool. we figured we might as well have a serious party for all the young folks because the end of school is such a party worthy event.

So. start planning to have your young folks out in the bush at the end of june for some sweet adventuring.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Strange Evangelization Stories

I discovered this in Lent and meant to get it posted here after Pascha, but forgot till now.

I remember sometime in Lent, I think at a meal after PreSanctified, chatting with Gavin Campbell about his encounter with a JW while waiting for a bus. Maybe we can get someone to post that anecdote in the comments here.

I have Fr. Lawrence's "Paschal greeting to JWs at the door" which I will post in the comments eventually. Feel free to add your own amusing tales there as well.

But I don't know if anyone can top this one about SF writer Tim Powers on a Catholic blog:


Powers, incidentally, is the author of The Drawing of the Dark, whence the immortal quote "If but we Christians have our beer/ Nothing's to fear."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Spruce Island

Not to take away from the prayers for Irina, I don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to celebrate Gabe's birthday. that's the red Gabe, not the Papa Gabe.

come to my house in langley on thursday evening with wine and cheese, we will have part 2 of the kitchen dance party that was hosted previously by nicole, anya and christie.

so. bring a friend or two, a cheese or two, and maybe some wine or scotch. the BBQ will be on too, so come on over, with or without your dancing shoes. come one come all,

A comment I heard recently by a peripheral to our community was to the effect that one of the reasons our parties are a good gathering is because of their nature as intergenerational. we love our kids and our parents.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Et in Arcadia Ego

Gabriel visited us today at church, that was very cool! thanks for comin out! it was fun to meet another internet acquaintance in person, we had some good chats about church and some mutual friends, and school etc.
In any case, what that means is, any others of you who only know us via spruce Island, are always welcome to come and meet us in person.

Good to meet you Gabriel. (whose real name you will have to find out in person)

In other news, half the parish stayed home today, and there was one lonely little plate of tomatoes on the table today. I guess now that lent is over, vegetables aren't allowed? oh well.

And, in other, more important news, apparently there is a coffee shop for sale in Walnut Grove? Ramona is curious as to who is interested in being involved with this. I am interested, we should have a meeting perhaps of people who are interested? a show of electronic hands perhaps? or perhaps Ramona could explain what she is thinking a little further.

Yes, Phil has books we can sell, and yes, there should be enough bodies to staff such a place, as long as we are not looking to get paid much if at all, especially near the beginning. but, if we can sell food too, we can make money there, and the books will just adorn the walls and look nice. who knows, perhaps they will sell too.

what thinkest thou?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A newer stranger party

Hello all
I have decided to merge my namesday party this Sunday with Kim's party, to cut down on conflicts of interest. So if you want GUINNESS MILKSHAKES a la JOHN STEINBECK go to KIM'S place, NOT MINE, cause there won't be NO ONE there NO HOW.