Wednesday, June 30, 2010

canada day aftermath at St.John's/St.Nina's

Aaron H has extended the invitation for people to sleep over after the festivities if they would like (I would imagine you need your own bedding.. sleeping bags and such).

Breakfast will be served on the promenade deck the following morning at precisely 9am.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canada Day at St. John's!

How could one possibly improve upon the age-old Orthodox tradition of celebrating Canada Day at the Jordans'? Hmm... How about *more* Orthodox friends and family? And maybe a slightly more central location?

Seriously, though, when we heard from Dn. Kurt, last time he was here at St John's, that his family was *not* planning to host the traditional Canada Day celebration this year, how could we not offer to host it here at our house? Come one, come all!

Here, then, is the official announcement (by Jeremy, with a few minor edits from Fr. Justin):

Meet at the church (St. John's, that is, at 1967 Napier Street, Vancouver) RAIN OR SHINE on Thursday, July 1st at around 4.00pm!
There will be enough hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone to eat (at least 1 or so)!
The BBQ will fire up around 5pm!
Including buns and condiments!
If you feel like bringing vegetarian options, (or any other food you wish to be fried on the BBQ) please do so, and they will be fried up!
Bring lawn chairs if you have them!
Bring some food to share as well!
Bring something good to drink! (Please note: While all the usual non-fasting beverages are highly encouraged, this is a family affair, so don't go crazy or nothin!)
Bring any/all of your family and friends!

This invitation is especially going out to our family and friends from St. Herman's and Holy Nativity (hence the posting here on Spruce Island), and to other Orthodox parishes around the Lower Mainland. Deacon Kurt and the Jordan family have hosted this famous Canada Day extravaganza at their home for some 20 years. [Editor's note: Has it really been that long?] This is the first time that we're doing it in Vancouver and at our house (St. John's)! How exciting is that?

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Location:1967 Napier Street, Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Shower!

Hi people,

It may be late in coming, but baby Kassia deserves a big welcome! Naomi would like to get together with all of us girls--some evening before Lareina goes back to Japan--but it will have to be mid-week as they are going away most weekends between now and when Lareina leaves. I have volunteered the Gascoigne house for this little get together and Naomi suggested Tuesday the 14th of July.

What do people think?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

this was june:

Saturday, June 19, 2010


some big burly men to help the deacon and I get a piano into a trailer in Deep Cover tomorrow. (no need to come out to Chilliwack, just need some muscle to get it into the trailer) Can pay you in gratitude and 6-packs! (of beer, not pop.. or abs..) We could even have you over for our apostle's fast salmon feast afterwards!