Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Evil, rudeness and charity

Forgot to note here the other day that I have a new post on my blog

It's long, and some of it's sort of heavy, so please don't feel obligated to surf over there if you aren't in the mood. But I will just put the conclusion here, as it should be of interest to all here:

"...there is another charity to benefit children in need with which we will have a more direct connection. The Project Mexico/St. Innocent Orphanage has been the recipient of donations and labour from members of our Archdiocese for a number of years now; this year at least one member of our local parish, Kimberley Francis, is planning on going on this mission trip, to help out the children of Project Mexico. This is something those of us who aren't actually going can at least support financially, whether as a parish or individuals-- there is a poster for the Victoria fundraiser on our bulletin board, but even if we can't go to that, we can make direct contributions to help provide for the costs Kimberley will incur in this good work, and thustake part in it too."


Matthew Francis said...

Thanks, Mat. Donna. I really appreciated your post.

Gabe said...

I am looking forward to this trip to Mexico again.
Especially with Kim and Mira!

kimberley said...

Thanks for bringing Project Mexico to light, MatDonna. There is a good short film of the project that FrLawrence said it would okay to show following our meeting.

There are so many patient miracles happening in the lives of the boys there. One of my favorite lines from the film is when the narrator says that it sometimes takes weeks or months from the boys to go from "suspicious to relaxed."

Stacy said...

"patient miracles"

Hmmm... interesting phrase. I'm going to ponder that a bit.