Sunday, December 08, 2013

Help with moving

Hello all. The Steenburghs are moving to Chilliwack later this month and hoping to get some help. We've set our moving date for Saturday Dec 28. I know it is a busy time for people, so we'd appreciate whatever help we can get. If you are able to join us, please e-mail me at Daniel.Steenburgh[at] (replacing the [at] with @).


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prosphora Workshop * EVENT CANCELLED *

Hello St. Hermanites.

As some of you may have heard in church last Sunday, we had hoped to hold a Prosphora making workshop at the church this Saturday, October 19 from 12:00 - 3:30ish.

Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of feedback which makes it incredibly difficult to prepare, aside from a number of members who are interested identifying they are otherwise engaged that day.

That said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know before Saturday if you will be attending so the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Otherwise the event will have to be cancelled.

Thank you for your consideration

* contact details are in the directory *

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Party 2013, and a Toast to Andrew

I'm very sorry for those of you whose emails we missed - I know there are a lot of you!  

In case you haven't heard, my wonderful husband has at last completed his apprenticeship in joinery!  To celebrate this feat of skill (and also the cosying-up of the seasons), we're hosting our second annual Pumpkin Party.  So, consider this your invitation to the most splendid squash-themed fĂȘte of the year!  

Where: 7650 232nd Street, in the apartment above the garage of the white house
When: Friday, November 1 from 6:00 or so until people leave
What: a pumpkin-themed potluck free-for-all and autumnal beverage spectacular

As for what to bring, we have only one rule: NO PUMPKIN PIE!  (And don't you dare think you can get away with pumpkin tarts; we all know those are just miniature pies.) Try something new, and hey, bring something savoury if you can - or, if nothing else, there's always pumpkin beer around this time of year!  

Tell your friends!  And please do bring the kids (come while the sun is up and they can meet our duckies!); however, do be aware that no kids live in our apartment, so while we'll prepare to the best of our abilities, we don't really have a space where little ones can be left to their own devices.  We will have a big pot of Andrew's famous pumpkin soup on the stove, and there will be some tasty drinks provided; beyond that, we're counting on you all to help fill out the table with the bounty of the season!  So come on out to our little country home, raise a glass for my Journeyman Cabinetmaker husband, and get in some wine and cheese before the fasting season sets in.  

Kindly do let us know if you can make it.  We hope you can!

All the best, 
Erin (and Andrew)

P.S. - for those intending to imbibe freely, we're happy to open up our floor and our little couch for the night.  That said, it may be wise to toss a sleeping bag or a blanket and pillow in the back of the car if you think you may be staying.  

Monday, September 09, 2013

VESPERS Wed. Sept. 11th cancelled!

WEDNESDAY SEPT. 11TH vespers cancelled at St Herman's 

....due to the falling asleep  in the Lord of Fr. Dn. Gregory's godmother, we have CANCELLED this Wednesday's vespers to enable those who are able to instead attend the 

panikhida at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Vancouver at 7PM

The funeral service will be held at Holy Resurrection on THURSDAY at 10 AM

Your prayers are appreciated. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Shower - for Ruben Edward Basil Gree

From Lora-Lynne:

Come and celebrate the birth of another Green baby! The party will be in the common room at my complex (5163 - 203 Street - Langley), after church (so around 12:00-ish).  Please bring food to share.

There is a playground for the kids, but it's not completely fenced off so parents will still need to keep an eye on their kids. Parking is on the road or in the parking lot across the street from the complex. 

View Larger Map

There are a few things that they still need. I will be collecting for a group gift (a rain cover for their stroller. It must be very specific so it fits properly) so if you want to contribute to that see me on Sunday. They also need a place to put the baby cloths. A tall narrow dress would be good.They don't have room for a wide one.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Bridal Shower!

Hello Ladies of St. Herman's and attached community!

You are cordially invited to attend....

click on image to view details

There will be a poster at church as well - on the bulletin board - if you are having difficulty pulling up the shower details from here.

Hope to see you there as we celebrate the commencement of a new life for Miss (soon to be Mrs!!) Kelsy.

Robyn & Meike-Macrina

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Saturday July 20th Annual Parish BBQ

You are cordially invited to

The 9th Annual
St. Herman’s Ryder Lake BBQ

 Saturday July 20th, 2013 from 13:00hrs to 18:00hrs (Vespers @ 17:00hrs)

At the home of Theresia and Kai Lerche,
49175 Elkview Road, Chilliwack, Phone (604) 858-5421

Food and beverages will be provided. However, if you must, bring your own special brew....!
and if you can, bring your own chair!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello again, Parents, Campers, & Camp Supporters,

We are excited to announce that camp is one step closer to getting off the ground this year!

Here's the deal:
The next and last requirement we need to meet for camp to be held this year is that at least 48 campers have to register by SUNDAY, JUNE 16Currently we have about 27. Donations to fund campers - or just to make sure that camp can go ahead this year - are also gladly accepted.

Here are some of the Workshops to look forward to this year:
Icon Mounting
Creature Discovery
Liturgical Baking
Story Telling
Book Binding
...and more!

Our teen component will likely look a little different than last year, but will be just as fun and enlightening!
Please keep praying for All Saints' Camp, and we will confirm whether it's a go this year by Monday June 17

The All Saints of North America Orthodox Youth Camp Board.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Abbotsford Bible Study tomorrow night at Samulskis'

dinner too!--MatD

Abby bible study tomorrow at 6pm. Most people know where it is but just in case. Thanks!
#46 34250 Hazelwood Ave. Abbotsford

Monday, June 03, 2013

URGENT appeal for Camp volunteers

Note from Muryn re: the BC Deanery Camp:

When the camp cancellation letter went out, there were a number of responses including a plea to rally together and make it work this year. The board met with a number of priests and other individuals to come up with a plan. Father Justin, camp priest, laid out the requirements for camp to move forward:

1. We must have all staffing positions applied for and 

approved and with criminal record checks in progress 

by Sunday, June 9th. 

If we don't, camp will not proceed. 

Here's what we need:
- Cook and kitchen staff (4 people)
- Counselors (age 20+: 8-10 people)
- Junior counselors (age 17-19: 4-6 people)
- Lifeguard (1 person)
- Nurse/first aid (1 person)
- Workshop leaders (2-3 people)

2. We need
at least forty campers signed up for camp - or equivalent donations received for any less than that - 

by Sunday, June 16th or camp will not be able to go forward.

We know these deadlines are tight - and the number of people still needed is challenging - but with all the good-will and those who are already stepping forward, we think it is still possible to go ahead with camp and to run it safely and responsibly... if all the above requirements (deadlines and numbers) are met.

So, if any of you feel you can help fulfill Part 1, or know someone who can, please let us know ASAP!

Friday, May 31, 2013

June special events at St. Herman’s

Sat. June 8th—2 pm Baby Shower for Tyla at Lora-Lynne’s

Wed. June 12th 6:30 pm Vesperal Liturgy for Ascension

Sat. June 15th noon Choir Practice

Sun. June 16th Father’s Day

Sat. June 22nd 6:30 Litya with Vespers

Sun. June 23rd Pentecost 1 pm kneeling Vespers

Sat. June 29th 9 am  Apostle’s Liturgy

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Early notice for Annual BBQ July 20th

Early notice to save the date-- this year's 

Ryder Lake BBQ will be on Sat. July 20th. 

Normally this annual event is on the last Saturday in July, but that date will be a wedding this year. 

Vespers on July 20th will be at the BBQ instead of at church. 

More details will be posted later on.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wednesday vespers CANCELLED for visit of Kursk Root Icon at St. John's Vancouver

This Wednesday May 22nd 

our regular daily 

vespers has been cancelled 

to allow those who wish to attend the 6:30 pm  molieben 

and venerate the wonder-working Kursk Root icon


St. John of Shanghai in Vancouver

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Reader's Vespers Tonight

I know this is short notice and should've been posted here earlier. I'm told there will in fact be a reader's Vespers service at the church tonight at 6:30!

So all of you who have been thinking, golly, my evenings are dull after Holy Week and Pascha - here's your answer!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lazarus Saturday - Kid's Time!

Thanks you Ryan-Zane for organizing the kids' time for this year's Lazarus Saturday!

Looks like they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, while learning about a very special celebration.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lazarus Saturday Cleaning Bee and Kid's Day

This coming Saturday is our Annual cleaning Bee to get the church in top shape for Holy Week and Pascha. This year there will also be a special time for children. Hopefully this will allow some parents to participate in the cleaning while their children are looked after. 
The day starts sharply at 10AM. 

If your interested in helping with the children's side of the day, please contact Zane. If your interested in the cleaning side of the day, just show up with work clothes, rain coats, and any tools you may want to bring. If you are planning on staying the day, 

PLEASE BRING FOOD to share for lunch time.

The day's schedule will look something like: Matins will be about 15-20 mintues, if even that. Then general duties will be assigned for the clean up. Clean up will go for about 2-3 hours until lunch time. Then continue through the afternoon until projects are completed. Please bring rain coats and work clothes. The more help the better!!!

The kids time will last from 10AM to around 2:30PM with a break for lunch.
For this kids portion: We have a very special time planned.

***The children will get a chance to see some of the liturgical items that are kept behind the alter.***

This is a once a YEAR chance to see these things. Fr. Lawrence will be explaining to the children what the items are. There will also be a prosphora explanation. We will have story time, colouring, some crafts, and weather depending some outside time...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome Eustace

It has been brought to my attention that I have neglected to make everyone aware of and welcome at the latest Gascoigne event. We are throwing a proper shindig in celebration of the birth of our third child this coming Sunday the 24th at roughly 2pm (ie after liturgy, but we're not fussed if you turn up earlier). As with almost all Gascoigne events EVERYONE IS WELCOME, kiddies, husbands, and crazy relations etc and we will feed you all. It will, however be BYOB, and we will have a selection of non alcoholic drinks as well. Food will be fasting, except for one or two items and if you wish to contribute, more is always welcome, although we will ensure no one goes hungry. This is not a baby shower either so please don't feel obliged to bring anything but your lovely self.

Hope to see you here!

Monday, March 18, 2013

PreSanctified Liturgies this week.

A note about the Presanctified

Dear St. Hermanites,

A couple of items about parts of the Presanctified Liturgy served Wednesday and Friday in Lent.

Much of our liturgy takes the form of dialogue. For instance, in litanies, the priest and/or deacon chant their parts, while the whole church responds 'Lord have mercy.'

Antiphons are another form of dialogue, in which lines are sung alternately between two different groups. In the Presanctified we do this with men singing one line, women singing the next. Which group begins will depend on the mix of choir singers we have on a given night, so listen for the choir to begin. Then all men please sing along with the men's choir, and all women with the women's choir.

Another form of dialogue is verse with refrain. "Let my Prayer Arise" is sung in this fashion. The very beautiful Bortniansky trio is an old favourite in our parish as in many others. In this piece three voices (a trio of singers, as available on a given night) sing the verses while the congregation  and clergy are  kneeling in contemplation. Everyone sings the refrain between the verses.

Don't forget that services begin at SIX pm this year. Please fast from mid-day, and bring some Lenten food to share if you are staying to break your fast afterward.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


As mentioned at our annual meeting, a major need for street people right now is for gloves of any kind. Just those little stretchy ones from the dollar store will make a difference.

For the food bank basket, there is a particular need for individually packaged items for single people in need. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Theophany 2013

Stories before Liturgy

Washing Hands + Blessing

Peace to you, man!