Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Hello everyone. I was wondering if you could keep me in prayer for the next week. I'm in Ontario visiting family, and our conversations about Orthodoxy have so far been more challenging than I had anticipated (although, I believe that they've ultimately been good). You prayers would be greatly appreciated!



biss said...

will pray
call us if you'd like

pasivirta said...

by all means.

Fr. Justin (Edward) said...


The Pleasant Peasant said...

praying too!

Gabe said...

Prayers from Saskatchewan!

Simply Victoria said...

prayers from the 'wack.

RW said...

We will pray.
the wildeman four

RW said...

We will pray.
the wildeman four

kimberley said...

hi dan,
i mentioned to my mom that you had grown up summers at Wesley Acres there in Ontario, and she thought that was pretty cool too.

(for those who didn't grow up summers at wesley acres, dan and i got to talking and learned that my grandparents, Ruth and Russ summered in the same church camp that Dan did. my parents left matthew and i with them the summer they came to bc to suss it out for our family. i would have been 9 years old. matt and dan would have been about 4.

that was a cool christmas dinner this year there at phil and biss's. good to have our dave back with us too.

Dan said...

thanks for all your prayers everyone!