Monday, January 09, 2006

It's getting closer

As most of you know, Kim, Mira, Mat Jenny, some others and Myself are going to Mexico in March, on the Project Mexico trip! Most exciting yes, but it's coming fast and I will be traveling to Vancouver first before we all go on to Mexico. I plan to come in on the 9th of March (which is a thursday) and hopefully spend some time with some of you. It is lent then (coming soon isn't it) so there will be evening services, which I hopefully will be able to attend. So the reason I'm posting this is to ask if someone from St. Herman's is willing to host an orange-haired Saskatchewanian (me ;) for a few days and nights. And perhaps some are willing to have a few little outings. Mira suggested that I should sometime get to the monastery and see the monks there. Which I would love to do. Anyway, if anyone would be willing to have me or whatever that would be pretty awesome. I really can't wait to see everyone.

God Bless!
Later days.


biss said...
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biss said...

Stay with us! You can have the green room (it goes especially well with Orange)!!!!
And we would LOVE to go to the skete!

Stay with us!!!

(note to all...I called him first!)

Stacy said...

Ooooo... I'm jealous. I want to go with Project Mexico!

Gabe... e-mail me: stacydanelle[at]

Stacy said...

And I'd offer to host ya but 3 things are in the way:

1. Biss called you first (but we do have monastics here, too, and I'd be happy to take you)
2. I'm not from St. Herman's (but St. John's is really, really cool)
3. The commute is a killer! (However, I'm closer to Mexico)

However, 3 advantages of staying here would be:

1. Authentic ribs! Yummmm!
2. All the Elvis you could ever want and then some.
3. Church services with a drawl.

Yup, I'll let you think about it. ;)

biss said...

But I called him first, and that is what counts most. So keep dreamin', Stace.

Stacy said...

Dream, dream, dream... dream (hmmm... that song doesn't do so well in print. anyway...)

Gabe-- just make Biss fake a southern accent during church. It won't be quite the same, but it'll have to do for now.


Oh, and tell her to wear her nice new Elvis earrings for you. LOL!! (Sorry Biss, couldn't resist. Everyone else--just ask Biss)


hunchback scholar said...

Gabe: Biss and Stacy are lovely people. And by no means am I trying to detract in any way from the inherent value of everything they say. But maybe I am suggesting that you ignore them. Seeing as we're going to try and con you into living with us when you move here, you might as well come see if you like the place and if you can possibly stand Dan and Graham and if you can possibly contain the universal and oh-so-fundamentally-human ardour and affection for yours truly. We've got three hardcore catachumens and a tragically dead pop-culture icon rattling around in a half empty house. And any time you feel beat and sore, any time you feel blue deep down, you can always snuggle away into the warm humming oblivion of Dan's beard and pretend you're back in the womb.
From our bleeding lonely hearts to yours:
Jesse (on behalf of Dan, Graham, and James)

biss said...

Butt out, Qjesse. You get him later. Now's my turn.

biss said...

The smell of Phil's beard can't be beat, anyway.

Stacy said...

Hmmm... I don't have any beards to offer you but my roomie and I could possibly not shave our legs for a bit. I'm not sure about the smell thing, though. You may just have to go with Phil on that one.

pasivirta said...

wow. you weird weird kids. I may be a nerd, but you are all strange. in any case, Gabe can stay where he wants, but I am taking him downtown for an appointment with a man about a horse. or something.
will have to visit with the boys out in aldergrove. maybe you should just bring all of your worldly goods so you can stay here after mexico. I hear vancouver is a great place to live.

biss said...

Yes, but I think I'd like it especially if he wanted to stay at my place, at least for a bit.

Gabe...I'm so glad you're coming.

phil said...

By all means, Gabe, come enjoy our green room.

1) 'Cause Biss called it first.

2) I also want you to come.

3) We have two genders represented here, which makes for more interesting conversation.

4) Biss bakes better pie than any of the other applicants.

pasivirta said...

I do make a great apple crisp though, and awesome blueberry square pie...maybe we should have a bake off, then the second place weiner can back off from the bake off, as long as the back burner is off, and the phil returns from being off in the back reading books on how to bring back the safety of pie in the sky, well, maybe its better were it not back at all. a toll. but yes Gabe, maybe their application is a good one to consider, they do have a great room full of books, but its not at the back of the house, so you won't have to back off. just come forward.

Stacy said...

Wow Phil and Biss... I'm convinced. Move over Gabe, I'm coming too.


Besides, if there was going to be a bake-off I was out for certain.

Simply Victoria said...

Feels good, eh Gobe, to be so loved?

myn said...

i won't call dibs on you or anything...but we should go for coffee while you are here...

kimberley said...

I love that as I check this there are...


You know how much you're loved right?

biss said...

For one thing, I am the better baker among the batch, just so you all know (after all, I am professional). Though Dave is right. He does make a mean apple crisp, but I thought it was his mom who made the glorious blueberry square.

And not only is the book room full of books, but the green room also contains a bookshelf full of books and a bunch of boxes of books, not to mention a wide selection of my clothes that Gabe is more than welcome to try on.
It is also the coolest looking green you have ever seen on a wall. The green room, soon to be my Writing Room, is situated comfortably between the bathroom and kitchen, and is the quietest room in the house.

Also, in addition to the fact that having two genders represented signifies interesting conversation, choosing a house with such variety is more politically correct.

But, of course, it is up to Gabe*, who is mysteriously being rather silent on this whole you think he just hasn't checked in or is he sitting back watching the battle and busting a gut laughing?

Either way (or another, even), we love you Gabe.

*(to recognize that I am right)

Simply Victoria said...

I just wanted to be the one to break 20. I'm not entering into this fray.
it looks dangerous! :)
(back off! it's MY gabe!)

Gabe said...

If there were words to describe the hilarity of this conversation I would write them down. Wow I laughed. I woke up this morning checked the blog (there were 15 comments) I started to tear with laughter over the fact that Biss had dibs on me and was about to start a bake off with Dave who wouldn't "back off" and Stace with her non-shaven legs.... Wow. I thought I would wait a little longer to see if the battle would go on ;) Come back from work to 5 more comments. I must say I didn't quite expect that. 20 comments in allI must go with Dave to see something about a horse, and have coffee with Muryn and spend some time with Jesse, Dan and the guys (is that the horse Dave? I wasn't sure). Anyway there should be lots of time to see everyone. There are services every night I am there. I think. It is Lent. Anyways,Biss I know your waiting for my answer and I'm taking my time answering it, but it's been fun watching this. Well see you all later.

Gabe said...

Oh and Biss, of course I'll stay at your house. ;) :)
And maybe there will be some be some baking going on while I'm there in your kitchen. :)

Krista said...

Wow...even leaves me speechless!!! :) I hope you all have fun in Mehico!
Oh yeah....good job on becoming insanely loved, Gabe....What a great community! ;)

Krista said...

I have to confess that I wanted to post a comment to add up the comments to 23....ooops, but now it's 24...hee! hee! :)

biss said...

Okay, Gabe, whadyawant?
My specialties include:
apple pie, blueberry/raspberry cream pie, other pie, brownies, not cake (I hate cake), almond biscotti, scones (that are not dry), and chocolates. Take your pick.
Also, I make a very delicious pesto pizza, which is often requested by sleep-over guests.
But you have LOTS of time to decide, and I have lots of time to perfect new specialties, so I'll let you know more later...