Friday, January 27, 2006

The KRF report

Well we're up to $37 now.
Getting closer to that 1600 every minute.
(I'll give you guys a full report on Sunday.)

By the way, Matt wrote a good story about

the fire alarm going off in Edmonton at the pinacle of Divine Liturgy!
Bishop Seraphim was there and handled it in classic style.
Check it out. Just Another Sunday

Also, please add my tired friend Andrea and her unborn child to your prayers. Her pregnancy is experiencing trauma, and yet this little one's heart just keeps beating. It's totally touch and go as she is just entering her second trimester. Her husband is Sam. They are so dear to me and have had an extremely difficult year, now trying to pack and move this weekend to Kelowna in the midst of it all. May God have Mercy on them, and may his will be done.

Thanks very much.

Look forward to
being back with you
this Sunday.


elizabeth said...

Prayers for Andrea, and for you as well, Kimberly... and ur bother's story was wonderful and reassuring, all in one... thanks for your post...

Matthew Francis said...

Yes, we'll ask Matushka Olinka to pray...

kimberley said...

Thanks. Today so far so good.

kimberley said...

they got away okay. she is looking forward to good medical care in their new area, and the pregnancy is continuing. she needs an incredible amount of rest.
thanks for praying. keep on praying. she is just 12 weeks into the pregnancy. thanks for asking...