Friday, July 29, 2011

urgent moving help needed tomorrow AM

Says Mike: We only have a moving truck from 

7am until noon, so there's no reason anyone needs to miss the bbq!

  • Michael LaRoy needs help!

    I know most of the gang is probably heading to the BBQ at the Lerches in Chilliwack at 1 PM, but if you can possibly give Mike any assistance, he is moving from his current Vancouver location to another Vancouver location. 

    Says Mike: We only have a moving truck from 7am until noon, so there's no reason anyone needs to miss the bbq!

    so please FB him or give him a call if you can help!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SPECIAL this week-- VESPERS will be held at Kai & Theresia's at the BBQ!


Last year, we talked about having vespers -at- the annual BBQ at Kai & Theresia's on the mountain in Chilliwack-- since more of the parish, and guests, were there than were able to get back to the church in Langley for vespers.

This year, we FORGOT about that idea till just now!  And so it did not get into the July calendar and bulletin. SO you are hearing it here!

Saturday July 30th 


at Kai & Theresia's

starting at 1 PM 

VESPERS at the BBQ at 6:30 PM 


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diakonia Fundraiser

Diakonia invites all who would wish to participate, to come to the first of many card making gatherings at St. Herman's on August 13. The time of the event will be confirmed in a few days. The cards made will be for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders who are currently on the ground in the refugee camp in Kenya which swells with 1000 new daily arrivals. We also invite you to view the Diakonia blog...pointing to the right...there it is! All news about the famine, about the relief efforts, about our own cup of water given in the name of the Lord, can be found there.

Summer has finally arrived here in the Lower Mainland and we begin to think of Christmas. Christmas cards made in love and sold for the benefit of those who thirst.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a weekend in fort langley

The W's are wanting to head to the Okanagan this Friday night but, Echo the husky is not invited.  He is easy going, super friendly and would like a companion.  You can have a little mini get away in the heart of Fort Langley.  Good walking trails.  A great bookstore/ coffee shop.  Lots of good people watching on the weekend.  Or you can rest on the chaise lounges.   Email Ramona for more info.

Remember in Prayer

For those of you know know Mark Northey, his brother (who also happens to be my cousin's husband) had a motorcycle accident a couple weeks ago.  He is alive - thank God! - but had some serious damage done to his knee.  Mark has informed me that his brother (Dave) had surgery last week and is on the road to recovery.

If I might ask my church family to remember Dave and Christina in your prayers as they work together towards Dave's recovery and rehabilitation.

Many thanks,
little macrina

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Orthodox Ecumenism

From Father Lawrence:
Orthodox Ecumenism
             Recently an Anglican friend of mine was speaking with me about the possibility of opening a west coast chapter of the Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius, an Anglican-Orthodox group, and this started me thinking about our Orthodox involvement in Christian ecumenism.  Orthodox have been involved in this work of witness since the beginning of what would become the World Council of Churches in the 1920s.  It has always been a delicate balancing act for us Orthodox, balancing our desire to cooperate with our Christian brethren, and our commitment to the truth that Orthodoxy is the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church confessed in the Creed.  In this ongoing ecumenical work, we have many partners and friends.
            Perhaps our closest friends are in the Coptic, Armenian and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches—the so-called “non-Chalcedonians”, who accept the first three Ecumenical Councils of Nicea, Constantinople and Ephesus, but reject the Council of Chalcedon, asserting that it is Nestorian (an assertion we Orthodox reject).  Theologians from all our churches have recently reached agreements about Christology (the original cause of the schism in the fifth century), but other problems remain.  Despite tremendous good will between (for example) Copts and Orthodox such as the O.C.A., we remain out of communion, so that Orthodox may not partake of Communion in Coptic churches.  This, however, does not hinder a warm fellowship between us.
            Next come our Roman Catholic friends, and the Orthodox maintain a warm but unofficial dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church.  Virtual agreement has been reached about the historically-contentious filioque clause of the western Nicene Creed (basically, they have now agreed with us), but the problem of the papal primacy remains the largest stumbling block.  As long as the Bishop of Rome continues to insist on the right of universal ordinary jurisdiction throughout the world (i.e. the right of governing every single episcopal see), no real further progress is possible toward sacramental communion.  As with our Coptic friends, we remain out of communion with them until this is resolved.
            Our Protestant friendships are also important, especially our long-standing and warm relationship with the Anglican Communion.  The Anglican insistence upon ordaining women and their current decisions to bless same-sex marriage have chilled these historic relations considerably.  Our dialogue with Anglicans especially is made problematic by the current de facto schisms in that Communion.  As Anglicans themselves continue to sort out what they believe, Orthodox will respond accordingly.
            What can we at St. Herman’s do in the meanwhile?  First of all, we can pray for our Christian brothers and sisters, that all who love Christ our God will be united in the truth (i.e. in the fullness of the Orthodox Faith).  Also, we can continue to talk with them, and work together in whatever social causes we can.  Finally, we must be patient, and not jump ahead of where we are.  Former attempts at prematurely establishing inter-communion (such as promoted by the Orthodox Sergius Bulgakov) did not bear fruit, and were in retrospect seen to do more harm than good.  Perhaps the difficulties of persecution, when it comes, will do more than previous ecumenical strivings.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Furniture available from Wendy

10 foot by 10 foot couch.  It is in three pieces, two 7 foot long pieces joined by a corner piece, making it L-shaped.  I also included a close-up of the fabric; it's basically beige with blue squares.  It was just recovered a year or so ago so it is in perfect condition but too big for where my Mum is moving.

Thanks for putting it out there; she is prepared to give it away.  Wendy M.

Here is a picture of a large green chair, in a kind of velvety material; it is at least 3 feet across the front. There are two identical chairs (altogether) like this one.  

There is also a dining room table, which may be hard to see but it is mahogany coloured and includes two captain chairs with blue vinyl coverings.  (Mum gave away the other chairs because she wanted a change.)

Hope these can help someone out there! Thanks for your help,

Monday, July 04, 2011

Annual Ryder Lake BBQ

just a reminder that this is coming up on the 

last Saturday in July-- July 30th. 

at the Lerches', 

1 pm till 6 pm or so

more details on the poster at church. 

Trip to Portland to help move parents.

The weekend of July 23-24 my parents will be moving from their current house to my grandma's former house. If there is anyone interested in getting a free trip down to Portland I could easily use 3+ people to help.

The plan would be to leave on Friday night after work. Spend Saturday helping move the larger items my parent's need help with. Of course free food would be provided all weekend. Saturday late evening would be free to explore Portland. Sunday we have the chance to attend liturgy at my parent's parish and travel back Sunday evening.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing feel free to e-mail, call or talk to myself or Julia.

- Zacchaeus [Zane]