Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Something delightful in your own back yard besides snow!

We're jealous , btw-- Victoria remains a sodden, rain-saturated, mushroom-infested bog. The city of Victoria that is -- ha ha!

My children have seen just about as much snow as a couple of African pygmies.

But anyway! Please do yourselves a favour and discover "Ukulele" James Hill! He is right there in Langley and is a COOL guy! I stumbled on his terrific website,, where you can listen to samples of his cd tracks. He is a 20 something uke whiz and judging by the look of him and the overall feel of his site, he is a friend we haven't met yet.

Plus his site answered a longstanding puzzlement of mine: why the heck was I taught ukulele in Grade 4 anyway? Answer: it has been mandatory in Langley since the late 70s (for reasons I can't quite fathom, but I'm not complaining), and guess who lived in Langley in the late 70s!? Yes! Me! (Okay, no sniggers from you whippersnappers about not having been thought of yet in the late 70's. . .I'm not interested)

Anyway, a Starbucks drink of hizzerher choice (mmm, let's say grande) to the first person who visits James' site and reports back here about it -- be specific -- redeemable next time I'm in God-and-ukulele-playing-children-blessed Langley! Or if you're in the mud-slopped, Campbell- cursed waterworld that is our provincial capital, you can have it here. . .


MommaKim said...

Did you know that Langley is actually quite well known for its Ukulele players? People actually move there to join this interesting community....I seem to remember a famous Ukulele player from Hawaii going to Langely to teach the hords of Ukelele playing children. I had to learn it in grade four in Mission...I think used to be a mandatory musical introduction

Gabe said...

wow i listened to one song, "song for cheri" and i loved it. i have to find a cd. that is great music. and it sounds like he was on the "vinyl cafe" which is sweet. I love that show. i only had life 5 minutes to review the website though. gotta go to work.

Simply Victoria said...

A collection of `ukulele interpretations of music from the Star Wars saga.

ok, now that is funny. and available only in Japan (reminds of tom waits... big in japan! haha)

and the song sampler is that wonderful canteena song! only re-interpreted. too cool.

Victoria remains a sodden, rain-saturated, mushroom-infested bog??
I'll forgive you if I win.

Gabe said...

actually I thought she WAS talking about you.

Matthew Francis said...

Mrs. Tomlinson taught ukulele to a generation of us at Little Mountain Elementary in Chilliwack. In grades 4, 5, and 6. I'm pretty sure I could still manage "wipe out," one tin soldier, and when I'm sixty four.

thomasw said...

hehe, jenny, my fellow langley elementary school student! i went to tiny glenwood, and we had the hottest ukulele teacher in the whole district, the one who started it all. my sister even got to go to hawaii, as she was one of the better players. needless to say, i sucked badly at the one wanted to hear me play; in fact i was switched to the xylophone to avoid embarassing the whole group.

MatJenny said...

Thomas, that is so funny and what a cute image, you in Grade 4 sucking at ukulele -- got any pictures?

Btw, by 'hot ukulele teacher' do you mean. . .or just really good at ukulele? You don't have to answer that -- hee hee!

I like how all the former ukulele child victims are coming forward now that I have come out. . .just kidding! It is a fine instrument and I'm starting to think it has big possibilities for me, as I am probably not getting my violin/piano/acoustic bass anytime soon. . .but if anyone has one they can't stand the sight of, I won't say no!