Monday, November 14, 2005

Hey guys

Yeaaahhhh! Thanks for the invite, oh Sprucies -- I feel so special!
My brain is scrambled tofu after a loooong journey from Vancouver to Victoria (only those who perform this five hour extravaganza regularly know just how gruelling it can be -- fabulous scenery and the odd group of cavorting orcas notwithstanding) (yes I know it's called a 'pod' but I have an unreasonable hatred of those cutesy whimsical words that connote groups of animals: "murder of crows", etc -- don't get me started) (not that you were) with two sugared-up overtired short people. So I have even less to contribute right now than perhaps at other times. I need to just go collapse in a heap. I'm glad the retreat went well; I know my husband was very blessed by it. Before long Ella will be going to these things: aieeeeeee!

Just wanted to say hi, anyway -- I long forward to long hours of screen time reading and posting with y'all.



kimberley said...

Ah, it's good you're here with us.

Simply Victoria said...

hey, mj.
thought you were my sister-in-law
muryn jordan :P

Gabe said...


Fr. Justin (Edward) said...

Welcome, fellow old-timer!

RW said...

Now I don't quite know how I feel being referred to as a "sprucie". Happy to see you matjenny.

Matthew Francis said...

I kinda like the whole "Sprucie" moniker. Of course, officially, we are all "Spruce Islandites."