Monday, November 14, 2005

Read this quotation today…

The lives of men are subject to drastic changes. These changes are gradual at times; at others, lightening quick. But even those of us who enjoy long years of opulence and fame can find no consolation, no gladness, unless our heart is illumined by the steady light of peace. It is this peace that we must seek, it is for this peace that we should pray—the peace that our Lord gave to His disciples and to all those who really have faith in him.

Macarius of Optina

My priest told me the other day that the goal for me as a Christian is for God to unite His mind with my mind, His heart with my heart and His soul with my soul. It suddenly became a little clearer, what it means to be transfigured into being like Christ. Somehow the quote above reminded me of what my priest said; this seeking for Christ’s illumination.

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