Wednesday, November 30, 2005

our backyard 15 minutes ago

let it snow ~ let it snow ~ let it snow!


churchmouse said...
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churchmouse said...

We're so jealous... we had a bit of snow here in Ottawa, but it rained all week and now it's gone. We have reverse climates! There must be something wrong... It looks beautiful and Christian is quite the little snow-stud. Have fun!

Wish we could tumble about in the snow with you...we miss you guys!

-Cheryl, Elizabeth, and Matthew.

Gabe said...

WOAH! I wish i had that right now. It's supposed to be here. you guys aren't supposed to get snow.
This is a garbage machine.

Matthew Francis said...

Ours in Edmonton looks the same!

Simply Victoria said...

christian missed you guys!
he said, who's that?
I said it's Matthew! Matthew and Cheryl.
And he said "Ooooooh! I miss him"
Not sure what you did Matthew, but you are still a legend around here, at least with the boys.:)