Monday, November 28, 2005

So many blogs so little time

I have decided to start posting on my blogger blog as well as my xanga blog.
So here is the new one:
not sure how to create a link so i'll just pretend that did somthing.

God Bless!
Later days.


Gabe said...
here is the link not sure what happened to that last thing.

Fr. Justin (Edward) said...

To add in the link:
1) edit your post
2) highlight the text you want to have as the link description
3) click the little icon of the globe with the links on it
4) enter the link URL in the little box that pops up

Note: Just noticed that this doesn't work if you're using the Opera browser. Firefox and IE work fine, though.

thomasw said...

use firefox, it works and is more secure than ie, if you care about security. i am a practical paranoid when it comes to security, and it's the browser i use on both OpenBSD and OS X.