Sunday, November 13, 2005

Home on Spruce Island/ The retreat was awesome!

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Greetings all! those of you not at the retreat, i missed you and i wish you could have been to this. those of you at the retreat, i miss you already. oh the memories. the late nights. sigh.

Well i think i will fill some of you in. i arrived at about ten o'clock. i greeted phil and mira, and others, which was such a reunion filled with joy. i also met biss, for the first time after meeting her on this bloging network. which was so awesome( i am now adopted by biss. another one of her boys). im smiling again. when i arrived there, and all that night until 2:00 am when me and mira and phil finally went to sleep, i was smiling with such joy. i could not stop. and it wasn't just a grin, my face muscles were starting to hurt. i was so happy to be there with those people. i also met jesse and dan. i wish i could be at their baptisms. but i don't think that will be able to work out. also i met another jordan, which was very cool. the jordans. muryn was a very cool person to meet. i was greeted by kim and fr john and matt and krista the next morning which was another blessing. ( Fr John was amazed by our bloging community by the way). For those of you who don't know the topic was marriage and singleness in Christ. and i had set up a bunch of questions for Fr John, of which, all he answered before i ask him. he made things so clear it was an amazing weekend. if anyone would want a tape of his sessions, i did tape it and you may have a copy if you wish just talk to me if you want one. a great time, so full of peace and calmness for me. the ride home seemed lonely at first but i was very comforted toward the end. i did not get to say goodbye to mira which made me sad at first, but then i realized something on the way home, kind of cheesy yet very, very true. she did not actually leave me spiritually, she is still here with me, as you all are, glorifying and giving thanks to God. this is how the weekend was. i was so spiritually connected with these people. they are family, just as they should be. i cannot wait to be on the coast again. biss was ordering me to put all my stuff in their car and told me that i was going home with them. i wanted to so badly. i miss you all so much. an amazing weekend.

God Bless!
Later days.

p.s. thames mortimore. good laughs! and Kurt's " why don't ya shut up ya Jehovah's witness." i can't believe he said that. oh i was crying with laughter.


pasivirta said...

its good to be adopted by biss, isn;t it?

elizabeth said...

sounds like you had a really special time... reminds me of the fun i used to have working with friends @ a camp years ago... our weekends off at times consisted of a lot of late night talks/laughter... the cool thing, other than the fact that when we are in Christ we are never far and that God (and the saints etc) never leaves us... is that you will always have the memory of that weekend... i find these memories can be restorative later on... thanks for telling us about it. i am looking forward to hearing more about it. were there formal topic/talk times? thanks for sharing.

Mira-cle said...

hey Gabe! well I miss you and everyone already. I was sad when I didn't get to say goodbye to you but came to the same conclusion as you. aaa great minds think alike. I had a great time getting took over 28 hours with a nice 6 hour sleep inbetween in Vancouver. And I met the coolest couple! the woman Caroline is the national fundraising manager for a Spanish-orphanage program, and the man, Jason, is a youth pastor at a presbyterian church just outside of Toronto. We talked a lot and they gave me some good ideas for our trip to Mexico.

Well I'm off to update my blog finally!

cami said...

hey gabe! u really do look like that guy from almost famous! anyways... i would love a copy of your tape of the sessions from the retreat... do you know how much it would cost? i would looove to have those on copy! fr. john is truly amazing! i'm glad you had a great time! i'm sure everyone did, i know i did forsure... well, i'm off for now. god bless! ~cami ollivier