Saturday, November 19, 2005

Biship BASIL is here!


Matthew Francis said...

Wonderful! Hope you have a blessed weekend! How often does His Grace visit your parish, Stacy?

Stacy said...


His Grace only visits once a year. Sadly, this will be his last visit. The Antiochian jurisdiction lines were redrawn this year so we're now under His Grace, Bishop ANTOUN in Miami, FL (I guess someone finally looked at a map and realized that Memphis is in the south and not the midwest). Fortunately, the visit with Bishop BASIL was already scheduled so we get to have one last service with him here. However, the only Antiochian monastery in America is here in Tennessee. Mother Nektaria and St. Paul Monastery will remain under Bishop BASIL's care because he is the only tonsured Bishop which means we may still get a visit from time to time :D -- we're so spoiled!

Bishop BASIL is in Wichita which means that every Christmas I get to be at the Cathedral with him for Nativity Liturgy! At long last being from Kansas is exciting!!