Saturday, November 19, 2005

From Shannon Parker

just wanted to respond with thanks to the invite to join spruce island, and to say hello to friends that i may not have spoken to for awhile (since biss & phil's wedding, most likely). I have sort of boycotted blogs up to this point but because this is a chance to carry on conversations with many of you whom i know, all at once, and because it is an extension of community, i'm giving in. i'm ottawa visiting cheryl and zeke, right now, and elizabeth yesterday but she's gone home for her grandfather's funeral. we are at st. paul's but we have to go now to get a bagel before vespers.

love to many of you whom i miss, and peace be to all,

shannon parker


katrinka said...

I am glad that you have joined the community! I hope that you have a blessed visit in Ottawa (a very nice town, albeit a little cold in the winter).

biss said...

Yay!!!! I wanna talk to you SO BADLY!

phil said...

Me too!

kimberley said...

Hey Shanoon Sparker.