Thursday, November 17, 2005

I might as well.

Signed up recently to this comm-blog. But here is my first post. I just read my lovely wife's comment about what it is like living in the midwest and the lovely and striking thing that our son said. He breaks our heart every day (at least once).

In order to keep with the theme of contributing something of uplifting spiritual value, I offer this quote from Schmemann (a favorite of us all):

"All that exists is God's gift to man, and it all exists to make God known to man, to make man's life communion with God. It is divine love made food, made life for man."

These words were take from the opening pages of For the Life of the World. I like being reminded of this. The world God made is good, very good. All of life, all that exists as our world, is sacramental since it is imbued with His very life and presence. A simple and beautiful fact that I will not expound here, but let us never forget.


Matthew Francis said...

So beautiful, Isaiah. Thank you. Diane Storheim from our parish here in Edmonton was a student of Fr. Alexander's in the early 80s. And she told me that there were many amazing things in the Creation that bore witness to his belovedness by God. On the day of his passing, it was stormy and windy, and then later, calm. For instance, at the very moment, when he fell asleep in the Lord several student's at the seminary had their oil lamps in their rooms light spontaneously... a strange and wonderful sign of the light of God's kingdom shining through His servant's life and death... making it all, and everything, into an offering of thanksgiving to God.

pasivirta said...

I get to write a paper on dostoevsk's russian monk from the brothers Karamazov, and Fr. schmemann's book that you quoted, I am pretty excited.

Simply Victoria said...

i might as well.
i like the resignation i hear in that.
what can it mean? :)