Sunday, March 05, 2006

The twins @ four weeks (plus one day)

Pardon my delay in posting this, but as of two days ago, the twins are home!

This picture was taken at 1:55pm on Friday, March 3, and it captures the moment when Elizabeth and Thomas were exposed to the outdoors for perhaps the first time ever, twenty-seven days after they were born.

Thanks to Muryn, who just happened to stop by the hospital a few minutes before we left, for taking this picture!

Haven't got much more to say, since the past two days have been a flurry of changings and feedings and waking up at odd hours and wondering what the neighbours will think when Thomas really starts squawking -- you'd think we were performing vivisections with plastic knives or something, when he really gets going.


Gabe L said...

After 2 or three days you'll forget all about the neighbours! Get your sleep when you can & hang in there.

thomasw said...

ah yes you are in for double the fun, double everything :)

you can call me anytime if you want any manly parenting tips, etc.. Actually I am kidding about the tips; even though they did call me 'master of the dads' at one point:) Your kids look like they enjoy sleeping: i thought that to be a good thing back then!

pasivirta said...

congratulations! welcome home thomas and elizabeth! exclamation mark!