Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Hi All,

plans for the skete so far. please add any suggestions, modifications as needed.

People attending confirmed


four questionable attendees...

Mr & Mlle Lerche
Josina Xenia
Dennis ze Ukrainian...

So, barring any comments from the peanut or sauerkraut gallery, vee shood bee fined.

Leaving 20669 Eastleigh Cresc at 730AM
Two cars, Dave's and Biss's (and if ze Jetta iss meetink us in ze horseshoe bay eet vill park zere too ja?)
will drive to horseshow bay and one will park and one will get on the ferry, the rest will walk on, and we will take two trips to the monastery. It is close enough, a five minute drive or so from the ferry.

Things to bring.


$20 to get you on the ferry and $5 for gas

something light to eat for lunch, or before noon if you are going to our presanctified liturgy, which segues oh so nicely into my next topic of discussion. OR if you are not going to presanctified, bring lunch and dinner, lots of meal-cal or granola bars so that you are not cranky.

We will likely have Biss drive on, while I leave my car at horseshoe bay, so that I and sarah and two lucky other people will take the 430 ferry back to town for presanctified liturgy and akathist respectively at 7 and 630.

The other carload of people will stay for vespers and take the 630 ferry back, taking care to leave quickyl after vespers so they can eat their dinner in peace, while everyone else eats whatever they brought with them.

whew. lots of details.

so. quickly. numbers.

720, 730 20669 Eastleigh
830 horseshoe bay
930 ferry
430 ferry for one load to walk on, dropped off by (______)
630 ferry second load drive on.

Return fare from Gibsons is free.

This is all assuming the wind dies down before then.

fly safe Gabe, don't tire out your wings.


Gabe said...

Oh can I be one of the really lucky ones to go to Presanctified, I would like to be at St. Herman's again as soon as possible. (plus I don't know if we are leaving before the Divine Liturgy or after. I really hope after)

The Pleasant Peasant said...

This questionable attendee still cannot come :(

pasivirta said...

gabe is number three in my car back to langley...

kimberley said...

Gabe, i think you guys are Amtraking on Sunday morning at 5 or 5:30, from the Vancouver Train soak in all the presanctified goodness that you can.

Questionable Attendee: 6:45 tonight at the LL Bean, ja?

The Pleasant Peasant said...

Not so questionable attendee to Gabe's open house will be at "LL" Bean at 6:45 sharp.

The Pleasant Peasant said...

[insert stealthy Mission Impossible music here... do do do do do do do do]

rowena said...

Dave has offered me a ride from North Van out to the presanctified. Is there anybody coming back into the city that could drop me off at a bus stop?

Magdalen said...

I'm assuming that "questionable attendees" means that their attendance is questionable, as opposed to the attendees being questionable...

RW said...

Will someone please bring a digital camer and take some photos.

pasivirta said...

I am going to take my regular camera, I don't have a digital yet...but I will take pictures for sure. and see you at liturgy tomorrow night.