Monday, March 27, 2006


I'm not exactly sure of the extent of our readership
But can anyone recommend a corner of a floor in Victoria for Sunday night
Two scruffy but goodhearted young fellows will need to rest their weary heads
I am one of those scruffy fellows
Just so you can't say I didn't warn you
But my heart really is good
Or is trying to be
Just so you can't say I didn't warn you


Magdalen said...

Hmmm... Have you asked Fr John and Jenny if they can ask around for you, put the word out that you need a place to crash? Too bad I don't still live there, with my mammoth-sized living room. Ah well.
Good luck brother. What are you going to be doing on the island?

hunchback scholar said...

My friend Mark and I are going to a Hawksley Workman concert. We'll find something. Yeah, I should ask Father John. I'm not exactly sure how to contact him, but I guess there's probably something on the All Saints webpage . . . Let's see.

Matthew Francis said...

That's sweet... we were both in Victoria at the same time...

Hey Jesse, I will always remember that Fred Flinstone-style reverse action going to get ice.

Hope to see you sometime soonish.

How was Hawksley?


hunchback scholar said...

We actually haven't gone yet, but I'll let you know. He just put out a new album, and it's pretty fun. I don't think I'll ever actually buy it but it should make for a great show.

Mira-cle said...

Hey guys!

Yaaay you're coming to the island!

I will check with Fr John for you!

We will be in touch. I can probably get you guys to and from the ferries.

It is good to have you visiting!

hunchback scholar said...

Hey thanks, Mira. We'll be in touch.