Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The twins on TV!

Those who have kept tabs on my collection of baby pictures at Flickr.com might have noticed that there are almost no photos of Deanna there. This is partly because she and I tend to visit the babies at different times, so as to give them collectively more time with their parents; and this is also partly because, on those occasions when Deanna and I do go to visit them together, she is busy feeding them and the photos I take tend to be, um, shall we say, just for the family.

But now, thanks to the CBC, you can all see her feeding them anyway. Click here for the online text version of a story about Canada's only milk bank, which also includes links to RealVideo and QuickTime video files in which Deanna gets a 13-word soundbite.


kimberley said...

well THAT was cool.

staying tuned for their next CBC appearance!

elizabeth said...