Tuesday, March 21, 2006

is it a baby, or is it a dinosaur?

see the rest here.

You can also find the churching of the Chattaway babies,
and pictures from our weekend in Hope Bay.


thomasw said...

hahaha that outfit had me chorteling, which is a lot like chuckling, only more restrained:)

Gabe L said...

I could of sworn I heard Fr. Lawrence hesitate for a monment when he turned him around and saw the tail. "Servant of God, Edward is........um...churched ,etc" I died a little on the inside.

kimberley said...

hah! awesome pictures. thanks vic!

the one of emma with the baby is so lovely.

elizabeth said...

love the pictures! so cute! crazy that i have not been @ st.herman's in over 2 years now... i esp. love to see pictures b/c of this; thanks!