Saturday, March 25, 2006


well...unless allergies are really a symptom of hypochondria, which I sometimes think until I sneeze my way into belief,

I need to find a temporary home for george. he is an adorable young cat, male, white and grey, still needs the 'ol "de-manification" si vous sais que je veux dire.

What would be ideal in my mind, would be to have someone look after him until August when I will be able to take him again.

I thought I had a place for him yesterday, but the door was not as open as it appeared, which is nice cause I am enjoying having him around. He is very affectionate, low maintenance, comes with a small supply of food and litter and a purr-o-matic in his throat.

any takers...?


biss said...

me! me!

sadly, not so. stupid allergies...

Magdalen said...

I'm still working on my folks here. Oh, and Rhiannon's going to see if their landlords and her husband would be amenable. So there's a few possible takers.

pasivirta said...

remember...just until August 1st.