Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mozart Requiem

Hi All!

come to the Mozart Requiem on April 14th!

There is no church that friday night, so you are all available.

Sign up here or call Dan Steenburgh to sign on the dotted line. tickets are less than $20, its a CBC Vancouver Orchestra/Vancouver Chamber Choir event. formal evening attire, the whole bit.

the music is going to be out of this world too. not very liturgical, but beautiful nonetheless.

Members of the choir are thinking about going, we need a group of at least ten.

I can't remember who said they wanted to go, so say it here, and call your non blogger friends too. come one, come all.

in other news, I found a temporary home for George. blast. He is such a great cat. now the house is cold and empty when I come home. Alanna from church is taking care of George until I move out of here in August.


kimberley said...

hey dave,

i might be going to kelowna that weekend, but if i'm here i'd love to spend a glorious evening under the pretty ceiling of the orpheum, surrounded by angelic voices.

once i know for sure, i'll be in touch... probably for two.


Mira-cle said...

It is good to hear that Alannah can look after George!

Glory to God!

I had you and George on my mind all week, so this is good news.

Take care :)

pasivirta said...

oh Mira, george is such a great cat. I can't wait to have him back. I already call him 'my cat'
I was sad.