Monday, March 13, 2006

Bp. Seraphim in Comox

There is a great pic of Vladyka in front of the chapel-in-progress here:

Maybe when the Project Mexico team gets home, with all the skills they will have honed at the orphanage, they can lead a construction gang up to Comox to help move things along! Just like a group of folk from deanery parishes did not so long ago to help in the building of the All Saints Victoria iconostasis....;-)

(no, I am not any good with a hammer or saw myself. I just love to find work for other people to do....;-)


pasivirta said...

I would go for a few days in april, maybe Fr. Gregory and the brothers would come?

kimberley said...

sounds good, dave.

Magdalen said...

I kind of doubt that Fr Gregory would go, or the brothers for that matter. Fr Gregory has a policy of staying put at the skete, he's really quite strict about it. But perhaps we could organise a group of folk from the deanery to head over?