Thursday, March 23, 2006


A few possible changes this summer and fall,

Isaiah and Elise are coming (that is sure, and we will all help them settle in)

Phil and Biss are going to Ottawa

Kimberly is going to be on a boat for the summer

and a few of us younger folks are thinking about getting together and living in a house in vancouver, dubbing it now the 'orthomansion'

I hope to find a place in east van close to commercial drive, something with many rooms, creaky old hardwood floors and enough space for many of us to be together with the possibility of having time to onesself.

So far, people interested include:

Dave, Gabe, Rowena+Anselm, Josina, Nicole, Qjesse if he is around,

one of the things we will have to do is all commit to the same length of time, which will be much more than just a financial commitment. we will be committing to working through all the difficulties that come from living in community, which are multiple. However, we do that knowing that the benefits outweigh the challenges.

now. suggestions, ideas, comments, questions.

I think maybe August 1 is a good idea rather than september because the school types will be settled before school starts, and too much chaos at once always brings unnecessary stress.

If anyone else is interested, just pipe up.



The Pleasant Peasant said...

I'm seconding the August 1st date. That'll give me time to find a job in Van, since it seems like I'll be going home in May unless I happen upon an amazing job opportunity that I have to take (come on, film industry!)

MatDonna said...

Dave, before you get started on this, ask the Folsters, as well as the Hainsworths, for tips from their experience of this kind of situation-- as you may have heard, they and a few others lived in just such a situation while going to university/working in Vancouver.

Magdalen said...

Oh how I'd love to be a part of Bethany House Part 2. Alas, I'll be starting school in September, and I need to stay someplace where I pay no rent. Home is free, super close to the school, and comes with Mom's cooking, which is infinitely better than mine. I'm jealous though! I echo Mum's suggestion to consult Andrea/Mat Jenny. I got a lot of great advice about living with people, Orthodox folk specifically, from my former matushka. Ask her about her take on dishwashing. ;)
sigh. jealous. jealous.

biss said...

Qjesse, as you know, will be in Ottawa.

rowena said...

I'm out. I've got other plans in the offing...;)

pasivirta said...

I think this could be worthy of a whole blog rather than to take up too much spruce Island space, though maybe having plans open for all to see will be helpful...

Magdalen said...

Hmm, what would those plans be, Rowena dear? hmmmm??? ;)
grin. grin grin grin.
Okay, I'm done now.
Still jealous. Hm, green really isn't my colour.

hunchback scholar said...

To all ye proponents of geographic particularities:
Good evening. I'm going to bed now because I'm as exhausted as a really tired person. But I would just like to remind you all that I have not yet signed my name to any of the above mentioned cults of location, nor can the lookout posted on the tallest mast of my ship of self see any farther than an hour ahead through the perpetual fog that besets me. At this point about all that I can be sure of is that I am soon to be baptised, and frankly a lot of the time that in itself is a bit much to deal with. So please come to me with all your starry-eyed dreams of tomorrow and I will happily share them with you, for as you know I have two starry-eyed dreams of tomorrow for every one of yours. But in many dreams there is comfortable ambiguity. If you would like to know what I am doing in September, buy me a Guiness on August 31 and I'll be happy to discuss possibilities.
Until then I remain your friend
awash in a sea of possibilities

biss said...

Ooh! Qjesse, I have a brand new plan (okay, idea) for you!
We'll talk.

hunchback scholar said...

I'm hesitantly intrigued