Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hey everyone. I'm in Thessoloniki right now enjoying the rich cultural experience of their internet cafes. We arrived by ferry to Igoumenista yesterday and were blessed to catch a ride to Thessaloniki with a Russian Priest-Monk and his ex-convict-turned-Orthodox disciple from Germany. We figured out that we spoke at least 8 languages between the four of us, none of which was Greek (so we still had a hard time getting directions). We made a brief stop at the Meteora Monastaries on the way, which (as one who has a particular affinity for giant rock faces) was a thrilling experience.
Tomorrow we depart for Mount Athos. Please pray for us. I am excited and terrified. I really don't know what to expect, spiritually, emotionally, physically (little sleep, little food, long prayers, long hikes). Pray that my ears will be open and my heart will be discerning.

I am looking forward to coming home at the end of the month. Graham: can Jesse borrow your car to pick me up, since mine is at the bottom of the sea? Also, I may have to move downstairs to Gabe's old room (since he is apparently also at the bottom of the sea with my car). Do you think that Jesse and you can keep the noise down during the day while I'm sleeping? Also, if you happen to brave another mission into my room, I was hoping to read my "Letters of the Desert Fathers" when I return. As I will be in exile from my own home and possessions (in the cruel desert of Gabe's room), this reading may offer some consolation. See if you can grab it from my shelf or recover at least a few pages from the papier mache cacoon. If one of the aliens happens to be reading it, please kindly ask him if he could finish before my return (or at least take some good notes for me).

All my love,


Paul said...

Dan: Well, the aliens grunted and mooed (that's what we've taken to calling their language), and from that I telepathically learned that they had used your Desert Fathers book as a portal into their own dimension. I would surely offer you my copy, but I'm afraid that now every copy of this book is a potential portal. I hope this wisdom is not lost forever.

Don't worry about the noise: it appears that whatever primordial ooze the cucoon is made of is also quite a good insulator. The aliens use it to insulate us from their thoughts (so that we can't know their plot to take over the world and infest it with an overabundance of daycare facilities for their offspring). But I think when you get back we should go into business together selling the stuff as a 21st century way of soundproofing and cold-proofing houses! We'll be rich. That is, until we are selected to bear an alien offspring. Then we'll be mothers.

biss said...

Hi! Keep posting.
Glad you're having a good time.

hunchback scholar said...

Hello Dan
It will all be done as you request. Happy travels.
the alien foetus currently inhabiting Jesse's bosom and slowly consuming his soul

Graves said...

Dan, while I have yet to meet the aliens in person, I must say that they strike me as good company (the one inhabiting Q's bosom seems particularly friendly).

The aliens aside, you're in Thessaloniki! Actually, by now you're probably at Mount Athos. I pray that things go very well, that you bless and are blessed.

Peace be with you friend,

biss said...

you guys are disturbing/ed

Gabe said...

Good news Dan! I'm in New Zealand and your car is fine. Well it smells a bit. I think water acutally hurts the aliens. Looks like Signs wasn't that far off. I'm not too sure how to get the car back in time to pick you up at the airport. I might have to sell it to buy a ticket home. Happy travels!