Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hi everyone. I just thought I'd give a quick update since there is internet at our hotel. Denis and I arrived in Rome on Sunday morning and have been thoroughly loving this beautiful and significant city. We've seen many of the ruins (coloseum, pantheon, capitol hill, etc) and we just spent a day at the Vatican seeing Saint Paul's Cathedral, the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, etc. Tomorrow morning we will be having an audience with the Pope and then doing a guided tour of the ruins. If you've never been here, Rome is an extremely lively city with lots of artisans, vendors, and eateries filling the cobblestone alleys and squares. It's been a wonderful experience so far!
We leave for Florence on Friday and shortly after we'll be heading to Greece. Please continue to keep Denis and I in your prayers!


p.s. sorry I can't upload pictures, but I'll post a few when I get back

p.p.s. Biss: Paul and I had a wonderful time. He asked about you and I'm sure would have loved to see you too!


Paul said...

Hey Dan,

Jesse really misses you. He cries all night long. Please come home soon. I can't get any sleep; the noise travels through the vents.

Also, Gabe decided to paint your car bubblegum pink and he put a neon green racing stripe down the centre. He hopes you don't mind, but wanted me to be the one to tell you.

We got a dog. We named her Dan. She sleeps in your bed, so that Jesse can pretend that you're here. We would have got a male dog if we'd had a choice (seeing that the dog's name would inevitably be Dan). We also didn't have a choice of the breed. She's a St. Bernard. Gabe thinks she's pregnant. Good thing you have lots of room in your room. Sorry about the drool all over your books. Dan (the dog) likes to read.

Well, I better get going. I had to buy a pooper scooper. Dan (the dog) apparently wasn't very well house-trained.

pasivirta said...

Don't worry Dan, the dog isn't that big, but the cat is going to share the room with the dog for a little while, I needed to get rid of it, and the boys volunteered your room, so we are calling it Dan's menagerie.

hunchback scholar said...

blubber blubber sniff

hunchback scholar said...
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hunchback scholar said...


Well Dan, as usual Graham let his emotions carry him off before getting all the facts straight. The St. Bernard wasn't actually pregnant, in the technical sense. Rather, a carnivorous alien species had planted its eggs in his belly. What excitement when he hatched! Naturally we've replaced "Dan's Menagerie" with the more appropriate name: "Dan's Intergalactic Menagerie of Death". We've entered a few times to do battle, particularly when we wanted to dig through your desk for spare change, but generally we respect their space and they respect ours. They seem to be using your books to construct some kind of giant papier mache cocoon. Well to each his own. They're sensitive to noise too, so perhaps you'll get along better than you expect. But now they seem to have infested your car too. We'll draw straws tomorrow to see who gets to drive it into the churning depths of the Pacific.

We all miss you. Graham blows kisses and the aliens spit digestive juices. Don't let your heart stray too far from home.

Gabe said...

The Aliens didn't like the idea of straws, something about family honour. They didn't like the bubblegum pink either so I was chosen to drive your car into the Pacific. They did, however, enjoy the green stipe, though they wouldn't tell that to my face. I have a feeling they didn't enjoy my company. Something about being insulted about pregnancy. Dan looked pregnant to me (the dog) but I think they were offended when I said that. Oh well. I guess I won't be home when you are Dan, something about the bottom of the ocean.

Kai said...

Saint Paul's....? Are you sure Dan? It is Thursday and this is Italy, right? Or is it Wednesday and this is London, England?
You guys need a break. Go to the beach... pronto.