Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hey y'all! my linguistic abilities are perishing with great velocity.

however. I thought it pertinent to address the issue of the upcoming hike.

yes, thats right folks! Gabe-raham, Muryn, Josina and I are about to join others from the Isle of Vancouver, and some prarie dwellers on a journey of great proportions.

we are going to wells grey provincial(national?) park for the group of twelve. we are going to be soul searching, mountain searching, liturgy searching etc. we are exploring the transfiguration feast.

pray for us, too bad you are not coming. pray for us, safety, wisdom, and any other thing that might be pertinent.

and leave us all sorts of witty comments to read when we get back.



myn said...

and we will be doing all this searching. with crazy heavy packs on our backs. i just tried mine on and wanted to cry!!! and mine was the least heavy of the four of us!!

it'll be interesting...lots of stories when we get back. and if we have no stories then we will make them up and only 11 other people will know the truth (and God).

Magdalen said...

Be safe, all you brothers and sisters of mine. We look forward to your return.

Paul said...

Sadly, your trip has been preempted by the fact that mountains no longer exist. Well, by that I mean that the earth has stopped revolving and everthing has been thrown off its orbit into space. It may appear as though everything is normal, but we're actually hurtling through space in a straight line now, no longer in a circle. Sorry. I hope you have a safe trip and that by the time you come back there is not too much distance between your kitchen and your bathroom. (As the projectile mass of the earth is slowly but surely tearing apart.) That would be awkward.

Graves said...

Grace and peace be with you all.

Gra-ham, you sometimes frighten me, and make me laugh.

"This is a witty and clever comment"