Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hello from Dubai!

Well since Dan's doing it, I figured this is the best method for updating all the people I love in Vancouver! Yes, i'm alive, but barely, the heat is choking the life out of me, (47 degrees today) but it's so good to be with my family again that it's worth it. Dubai is crazier than ever, the malls are bigger, cars are faster, and construction sites on every corner. I went to the Mall of the Emirates, a gargantuan space-style mall where "Ski Dubai" is located, yes, snow in the desert. Don't worry, I took pictures. I'm going on a trip to Sri Lanka, a beautiful island just south of India for a week next month, and excited about that. Let me know if theres any requests.
I hope you are all well and know that I miss you all so much! I love you all and can't wait to be back! big hugs,


RW said...

Thanks for stopping by Abby.

We miss you. Enjoy your trip!


Simply Victoria said...

one request: go skiing before you come back.
we miss you so much! Avery sends big hugs and kisses. me too.

ps: was your mom thrilled? what a great birthday gift; her own girl!

pasivirta said...

great to hear from both Dan and Abi! I hope you are both having fun,

If you have room and desire, you could bring a wall hanging/sari/cloth thing back for me from sri lanka.

Looking forward to everyones return.

theresia said...

hi Abbi, time flies when you're having fun, and sooner than you think, you'll be back with all of us who miss you now.
Enjoy every minute of your stay!

Abigail Maria Fernandes said...

I love you guys. Thanks for the encouraging words Thereisa! Dan, i'll be on the lookout for you. comour preferences? Vic, my mum cried and yelled and said it was the best birthday present ever. we were at a restraunt and she created the biggest scene ever! it was great!

The Pleasant Peasant said...

Hey Abbi, would you be able to bring me back some cheap, handmade jewelry from a street market (if you happen to come across one)? Then I can add it to my collection of cheap, handmade Mexican market jewelry :P

Happy Travels.

Sarah said...

Hey Abbi, We miss you

Abigail Maria Fernandes said...

Heya Jos, yupp i'll be sure to be on the lookout for cool jewellery.
Hey Matuska Sarah, hope you and your baby are doing good, tell him/her to wait for me!