Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sacred Space

I was listening in on Fr. L give a short talk (he is sick again, pray for him) the other day to TWU students, and I can't believe how much I take for granted and do without thinking. I was especially struck by the way he described the holiness of the church, the sacred space, and then how he talked about how he couldn't show the students the church, because none of us were there (except mother anna and I) It is so easy to forget what the church is all about. It is about manifesting the presence of God through becoming the body of Christ, through eucharist. But, God is with us, through each other and through the church. It is sacred. I am reminding myself. It is surprising how much I forget. see you at the canon tomorrow night

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kimberley said...

yeah this understanding of the "Body of Christ" is something that totally struck me about a month ago. a few of us were thinking outloud one time about the church (us!) being like the tendons and sinuews (sp?) of Christ. The /physical/ manifestation to /physically/ love those around us. I nearly fell out of my chair! It was the first time that ever REALLY occurred to me.

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