Friday, April 28, 2006

Blog now clothed in Paschal white...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned it, but I forgot to change the blog's "vestments". It's done now! (And in the process I somehow managed to restore Gabe's post that I lost... Glory to God!)

Update: I see Dave actually asked me to change the purple to white a couple of hours before I did this... and I did it without even knowing he'd asked me to! Telepathy or something?


MatDonna said...

I was thinking about telling you, Father! ;-)

thanks for the liturgical colour change & various other web type stuff you do! And I agree the forums seem redundant when we have Spruce Island. The calendar etc. will still be able to be uploaded to the website, though, I assume? I will have this month's ready soon I hope, but we are a little behind because of Pascha this month.

Fr. Justin (Edward) said...

Yep. The calendar and secure info pages will still stick around - although I am now looking into the possibility of a new, easy-to-update online calendar like the one I have just put up for St. John's.