Thursday, April 13, 2006

B*Q Party

At Magdalene's request, I've decided to censor some 'offensive' content in this message.

Here are the details for our b#rbeque party.

Date: Saturday April 29th.

Time: 1:00 p.m. until people have to leave for Vespers.

Location: 26592 30A Ave., Aldergrove

What to bring: 1.Bring your own be*f or other me#t product to b%rbeq*e. 2. bring your own b$er or any other alcoholic beverages that you would like to drink. 3. bring a your own lawnchair if you want something to sit on.

What not to bring: We will be providing non-alcoholic refreshments, side dishes, and condiments.

Hope to see you all there!


p.s. we could use another barbeq!e, so if you have one to bring and/or the means to transport one, please let me know....


cathedral dweller said...

dan - thank you for respecting the sensitivities of those with hungry bellies.

Magdalen said...

oh gee...

Thanks for your consideration, Dan!
I want chicken.

Paul said...

I want Easter bunny stew!!!

And shiskabob!!!

And veal parmesan!!!

And Chicken Florentine!!!

And Whale spaghetti!

and feta!!

And to be holy. *darn*

Magdalen said...

you're evil.