Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The other side of Lent, awash with light . . .

As if I don't have enough to worry about
With being baptised in a few weeks
I'm already planning ahead
I just noticed that my first namesday will be happening already
In May
So I'm thinking of having a namesday party
To celebrate on
Sunday May 7
In anticipation of St. John the Theologian
On the 8th
Not the Myrrh-bearing women
Though we can celebrate them too
It will also be a going away party as I will be going north for a few weeks
To see the fam
Details and themes to follow
Though Guiness Milkshakes are a pretty safe bet
Who could say no?
RSVP to the returning sunlight or
The blossoming trees
If you're feeling prosaic
To me


pasivirta said...

Guinness Milkshakes!

RW said...

I should like to come I think. I will bring Thomas with me.

The Pleasant Peasant said...

RSVPing the cherry blossoms: If I'm in Vancouver, I'll be there.

MatDonna said...

you have chosen an excellent saint and namesday, Jesse. ;-)

Simply Victoria said...

Guiness milkshakes? ok, you twisted my rubber arm.
the jordans are rsvp'd.

hunchback scholar said...

Wait I just had a moment of panic. That's not the day Sid and Melissa are getting married is it? Say it ain't so.

hunchback scholar said...

Okay. Panic absolved. Resolution quadrupled. Biss assures me Sid & Melissa are getting married on the 21st, which you probably all know already but I tend to get confused about this kind of stuff. And about other kinds of stuff too. All varieties of stuff really. They all bring their share of confusion to pile at my feet. But today all the universe is overturned and reordered. Blended even. Two parts guiness, one part ice cream. Mixed thoroughly and served chilled. The stuff (lenten day)dreams are made of.

Gabe said...

Gabe will be there!! Yes! Finally, I can RSVP to something!

hunchback scholar said...

By the way, Gabe, I spoke to our landlord and he's guaranteed that he'll be out by the end of April. A room awaits you here. A howling vacuum begging to be filled.

pasivirta said...

and the minions of the deep yowled with delight once again

kimberley said...

Sounds delightful, Jesse

churchmouse said...

I have always thought beer and ice-cream needed to be combined more often (I've had daydreams about beer floats)... and then I read Cannery Row. Please tell me if it is Doc's beer-milkshake roadstop that has inspired you, and if not, read Cannery Row. It is one of the most delightful books I have ever read in my life. And in it I found another person who agreed with me about beer and icecream. Now I have found a third! Yay for you, me and John Steinbeck.

hunchback scholar said...

You have found me out. I couldn't remember if it was Cannery Row or Sweet Thursday, but I have long been haunted by the image of Doc ordering a beer milkshake. And there are actually four of us, because it was in conversation with Sid that I decided to actually take the next step of commitment. He and I made some experimental beer floats just before Lent, and their success encouraged me to take the next step. Thank you, John Steinbeck!

Abigail Maria Fernandes said...

me and the nomad will be there jesse! guiness milkshakes mmm...