Friday, April 14, 2006

Orthodox Books-- Grown in BC!

Okay, so the publisher, Conciliar Press, is a bit south of B.C.-- but Keeper of the Light, a junior novelisation of the life of Macrina the Elder, comes from my friend, All Saints Victoria member Bev Cooke. Not only that, the illustrations are by Bonnie Gillis of the Antiochian parish of the Nativity in Ft. Langley.

The book is at the printers right now-- hopefully it will be available within a few weeks.

You can read more about the book at Bev's blog, Bevnal Abbey.

Fr. Lawrence tells me also that his latest commentary in The Orthodox Bible Study Companion series, The Gospel of John, is also due out in late spring or early summer.

So I hereby give advance notice to our perpetually party-prone parish that there will be an upcoming authors' reading, signing and book launch party at St. Herman's this summer, date and details TBA!


macrina younger said...

Hi. This is Bev. I just want to let you know that the blog is doing weird things to the .jpg image - most of the red end of the spectrum seems to have been leached out of the image, so the greens are actually much darker and the halo and light are actually yellow/white, and there are reds and browns in the colours. Otherwise, I'm delighted by it, and can't wait for the actual book to hold in my hands.

Magdalen said...

Wow! It's amazing, Auntie Bev. Just how brightly are you glowing?
That's my godmum, everyone!! :) *proud glow*

kimberley said...

ah... very exciting.

Congratulations Bev and Bonnie (would that be Sarah's mum?) A beautiful gift idea for some Godchildren Saint's

Days to come!

Thanks for sharing the good news with us!