Monday, April 30, 2012

Cranbrook Bound!

Hi All,

So, I got a job in cranbrook, and we have to leave today. So...we need a bit of help with the lawn while we are gone. we intend to come back in two months but we can't cut the grass from afar. If anyone is willing to help, that would be great.

I won't post the details here, but contact me via email or facebook if you can help.

The posting is full time music, band/choir/recording, so its perfect. But it's only til the end of June.

Also, if anyone wants to take care of our garden, we have a number of strawberry plants that will need tending, as well as tomatoes, among other things. You are welcome to take it over completely and interpret it as you will. Everything in the backyard can be yours while we are gone, and when we get back, we can figure everything out. Perhaps we would share the bounty. I am open to negotiations.

If no one wants to tend it, fair enough, we will see what it looks like when we get back.

But, we do need a lawn mowing volunteer.

We have arranged to have some folks swing by the place regularly to check on it to make sure all is well, so that is taken care of.

We will miss you, but we'll be back soon.

I'll be working at Mt Baker Secondary School, google it for info. They have a huge music program. I'm excited!

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Widgetokos said...

I will maybe fiddle with your garden twice a week if I can plant some stuff there too. Not sure what I'll be able to manage, but it would be neat to experiment back there with the kids a couple times a week. Email me and we can work out what all needs doing...