Monday, April 16, 2012

Bachelor Party! Secrets! Adventure!


I am hosting a bachelor party for Andrew Friesen, it involves two parts, one here in langley, and a second one at a secret location. I have details for you if you are a Man and want to join us. If you want information, please contact me through this blog, or through email or on facebook.

The main thing is to meet at St. Hermans this coming friday the 20th at 6pm ish. The first half will include a primer, some special clothes for the Bachelor, and a short langley event. If you can't join us for the overnight, this first half should prove entertaining, please plan to attend. The first half will require a loonie, a beer or two, and bring a camera to capture the glory.

If you are coming to the second half too, bring sleeping gear, a few more barley sandwiches for the evening and to share with Andrew. We want to provide a large selection of quality malt for the bachelor to sample during the evening.

All of the information is on facebook, as far as the specific details which I will be happy to share.

Again, if you need to contact me, use the code:   (spell it right, it's pasivirta)

Kristus nousi kuolleista!

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