Saturday, April 28, 2012

HEALING SERVICE Wednesday May 2nd at 7pm


A while ago, Bishop Irenee encouraged the parishes of the diocese to begin holding healing services on a regular basis. Our parish has not been able to arrange this till now, but we will now hold our first healing service on

Wednesday May 2nd at 7pm

instead of our usual Daily Vespers service.

The Healing Service (or the Sacrament of Oil as it is sometimes called) has its roots deep in the apostolic Church.  In James 5, the sick are encouraged to call for the presbyters of the church in order to receive anointing and prayer for their healing. 

All those who are ailing with physical or spiritual maladies are encouraged to seek divine help at this service, offering their lives to Christ afresh and trusting in His healing power.


also please don't forget the 
next Saturday May 5th.  

See Lora-Lynne Hanley to volunteer. Details in post below. 

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