Saturday, February 25, 2006

The twins @ three weeks

Hi there, y'all.

Nothing new to report here, since the twins are still at St. Paul's, but I figured I'd keep the weekly updates coming anyway.

When they were born three weeks ago, we were told that the twins might stay in "special care" for about three weeks -- basically until they had learned how to feed properly. Well, it's been three weeks now, and I haven't heard any definite word yet on when they might be coming home -- Deanna says the doctors tend to talk as though it'll happen any day now, whereas the nurses tend to talk as though it won't be for days yet. So, we'll see.

Feeding aside, they seem to be doing very well. And I have to admit that a part of me has kind of enjoyed the convenience of the twins being cared for elsewhere (three blocks down the road). But then I saw that picture of Gabe and Owen resting on the floor together and realized that that is something I have not done yet with either of my kids. (I don't think hospital floors were meant for lying down.) Yeah, I want 'em home.

Side note: Thomas weighed 5 lbs 2 oz when he was born, and last night he weighed 6 lbs 5 oz. I was a bit startled to realize that he was no longer in the five-pound range -- that he no longer weighed the number that I had committed to memory mere moments after his birth -- and that he would almost certainly never be that weight again. It feels like he's growing up so fast, and the boy I thought I knew is slipping into the past already.

Yes, I will be a nostalgic wreck when they finish high school.


Heather B said...

What cuties!

RW said...

I love that picture. Sleeping on the tiny hand.

Peter - you are hilarioius!