Saturday, February 11, 2006

The twins @ one week

Hi, all -- just an update on the twins here.

On Thursday, they were taken out of their incubators, and today -- just a few hours ago, in fact -- they were moved to St. Paul's Hospital, which is fantastic, because that means they are only three blocks from home. No more long-ish bus rides! (This is especially good for Deanna, who is still re-gaining the use of her legs after three months of bed rest and the atrophying that resulted therefrom.)

Alas, I've come down with something the last couple days and haven't seen the twins since Thursday night; for now, I'm staying away lest I infect them with something.

Many thanks to those who have given us food and to David for delivering it.

Deanna seems to recall that someone had offered to organize help of a non-food sort, but she can't remember who it was; so, if that person still wants to do that, please call us at our home phone number (it should be in the directory).

Thanks as ever for all your prayers, etc.


MommaKim said...

I am so pleased that E & T are doing so well and are so close to home. Did ITT do the transfer?
I too will be staying away for the next few days; don't want to share any Greta germs! I can hardly wait to have a proper visit. If no one fesses up to offering to organized a demo team for your place, I'll do it.

biss said...

Demo team?
If you need help in a sort of worker-bee-ish kinda way, let me know. Fridays and Saturdays usually work for me.
I sent the food with Dave last week because I have a cold and Phil had a week-long flu. Didn't want to pass it on. It seems we're all sick these days.